14 May 2010


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Just after Mother's day it is easy to show something new, which is my case.

I was invited to a nice restaurant and here is my little table neighbor Camille, my son's godchild. I had a sorbet as dessert, and grilled salmon before that.

On Mother's day I found this little basket with two red roses

and this cute (and special) cat for my cat collection ! I felt really spoiled.

In Belgium, Holland and Germany you only celebrate your own mother and not all mothers of the world as I realized when I got more than 23 good wishes for mother's day from all over the world !


The Chair Speaks said...

Oops, didn't wish you yet, so here's to wishing you personally from my 8 cats and I, "Happy Mother's Day" and may you be strong, healthy and witty for many, many years to come.
Love that cute little cat figurine.

Mar said...

Camille is a cutie!! love those curls.
Nice finds, Gattina. Celebrating your own mother only makes a lot of sense to me, even male cousins have sent their greetings to me... It must be the commercial pressure!!

Jingle said...

loved this one,
Happy Friday show and tell!

Anonymous said...

How cute Camille is. :) These are wonderful photos. :) Thanks for sharing them :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful basket, and adorable kitty.

Yep, celebrating mother's no matter where we are in the world is a gift of friendship.

My Show n Tell is my finished, newest, watercolor painting...I do hope you can stop by to view it and give me some critique!! Click HERE

Have a great Friday.

Melli said...

Oh! Isn't SHE a darling little moppy-top!?! Look at those rosy red cheeks! Oh my gosh! Too cute!

We only celebrate our own... I mean, I will WISH other mother's a happy Mother's Day - but we don't "celebrate" them! I do LOVE your new kitty! He looks ready to pounce on anything he sees!

steveroni said...

You have a nice blog. But the reason I write is to give you a tip:

To write in "poetry" of these days, write out a short story, or cleverpiece in paragraph form. Next, just cut it up into small pieces, maybe make a few words rhyme, and you will have a poem. And they will get better with time e.g., develop a meter, a beat, have a beginning, middle and end (A-B-A Sonata form in music). Try it sometime, I'd bet you are GooooD!

DianeCA said...

It does look like your son takes good care of his mother, and of course I know he does. And the little goddaughter is so adorable. We celebrate all Moms, but I celebrated my own as well. And I called my step Mom too because she has been important in my life!