13 May 2010


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I just have learned that I will become a grandma in November. As I am a curious person I wanted to know what is on the market for babies today. I found following

13 rather odd items for babies


If ever the baby should be bald when it is several month old, I still can buy him/her a wig


if he/she cries too much one of these pacifiers


This is meant for toilet training and then he/she


can play with, a stuffed turd !


get a slurp out of the Monkey Bottle Hugger


keep its feet warm in taxi booties


As soon as one tooth shows up a toothpaste puking cat (what else !)


to keep him or her busy, shave the baby


or play with knitted donuts


this lovely crocodile is self speaking


To encourage his/her intelligence a Baby Laptop with fun sounds and lights, a baby safe mirror and keys that light up and teach baby animals sounds, numbers, letters and cute phrases. With such a toy he/her will become a genious !


To walk him/her around in a iBaby Stroller with an iPod dock and adapter with speakers imbedded in the lining to funnel your baby’s favorite songs into her/his ears.


Here I have to admit I don't really see the utility of a barfing Barbie

If I was a descendant of Freud, I would ask about the childhood of these inventors !


Gledwood said...

Gefeliciteerd! (Sounds Dutch to me, dunno if it's right {%-&... )

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Granny! I'm happy for ya and grandpa. I love that lady photo. Too funny.

Jo said...

Congratulations Gattina! Is this your first grandbaby? I agree, I also question the childhoods of these inventors... (lol)

i beati said...

i'm loving the knotted donuts..Your cats may even love those . Hearty congrats first??

Loree said...

Ha ha that stuffed turd is just too much. Who one earth dreams up these 'toys'?

diane said...

OMG what a collection of rubbish.

Chrissys_Angel said...

Hi Gattina!
Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zur frohen Botschaft!
It's really weird what the invent for little ones. Crazy!
My list is up too!
Come and visit if you like!

CountryDew said...

Good heavens. Congratulations on the grandchild.

colleen said...

You are going to have big fun! Love those wigs and pacifiers. The word pacifier is someone in my list this week.

Maribeth said...

I cannot believe these silly things. I will not call them toys!
I am so happy for you and Mr. Gattino!

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina.
Im back in time Congratulations on becooming a Grandma..

OHDear!!!!! who thought of those gastly toys..it think who ever it is has a lot of spare time on their hands..

Melli said...

So FINALLY! The announcement is made! YAY! Oh! I mean CONGRATULATIONS! of course... :)

Well, the barfing Barbie is for when Mom is expecting the baby brother or sister -- then the little Princess has a doll that acts "just like mommy"!

I do think those taxi slippers are cute! I'm not sure about feeding one knitted donuts though! LOL! Cat puking toothpaste??? Ummm...no! Hello KITTY toothpaste - YES! :)

I am Harriet said...

That's some crazy stuff!

Have a great Thursday!

Jan n Jer said...

Congratulations to you and the Mr on becoming Grandparents...get ready to fall in Love. Whoever thinks up those toys have an overactive mind!

A Lady's Life said...

Congrats Gramma I bet you will spoil the new arrival rotten. I think the barfing Barbie must be for Mama
who might be having a few episodes herself.

Anonymous said...

There are so many strange things on this list. I'm a little shocked by some of them. Love the knitted stuff though. Congratulations.

Self Sagacity said...

Your #8 is hilarious! I can remember it's not too long ago that my toddler was a baby. I often miss that stage, it went by so fast!

jillconyers said...

Hilarious with a little bit of "really?"

Baby wigs and barfing barbie?!?!

Divaa Divine said...

tooo funny

Sexy is never Vulgar