3 Oct 2010


It's again a memeless Sunday, but I have got a comment from Mary from Work of the Poet, who suggested to make a "Memeless Sunday" meme !

As long as I am without, I just ponder about whatever comes through my mind. This week I was spoiled with spams. Especially on one post and this already since at least a year. The post is on my cat blog and the titel is A special night guest. If I would have known that this title would attract all spammers in blog world I would have named it "A night with my cat" or something like that, because I only wrote about Arthur my lovely white cat who had innocently jumped in my bed at night. Poor thing couldn't know what a success he would have !

The poor thing

Because the spam creators thought that they had to help a special human night guest and suggested Viagra, erection pills, penis exercises etc not to speak about all the X and XXX pictures to look at for inspiration and all that for my poor little Arthur who is anyway castrated and not interested at all in human females ! I mean it was a very friendly thought but still they should read the post first then such things wouldn't happen.

And to increase my general knowledge I asked Wikipedia again and learned that "Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately and Spam in blogs (also called simply blog spam or comment spam) is done by automatically posting random comments or promoting commercial services to blogs.

That's right I didn't ask for all these things which are certainly helpful for a man in technical difficulties with the other sex.

Now I am expecting new spams because my post "The bed in your life" is certainly very interesting for spammers ! What kind of suggestions will I get for the bed ?? I am so curious ! So far no spam creator has seen the title of my bed story, I can't expect that he would read the post. But I am waiting ! I am sure he will come !


  1. Hahaha, they thought Arthur's human. Anyway Arthur do sleep like a human here on the couch. :)

  2. Just before coming on your blog I deleted 39 spasms!!! Grrr!! Courage Arthur, internet for the best and the baddest!
    We are waiting for our norwegian bloggers now!!!I hope there's not to much problems with the strike at the port of Marseille

  3. ROFL!!!!! Gattina, the term "technical difficulties" just blew me away. I love it,....and I hope to remember that in the future. LOLOLOL

  4. I always get a good laugh out of your posts.

  5. Okay, Gattina, I am going to follow suit and post a memeless Sunday post and link to you! Great! :)

  6. lol
    I really hate it and have to laugh when they use a girls name and ask her if she wants her penis enlarged for greater satisfaction.
    I always comment to my husband then and ask him if he wants my penis enlarged hahahaha cause here they say I have a shot at it. lol

  7. http://rinklyrimes.blogspot.com/2010/10/dance-de-luxe.html

    A lovely excuse to publish my orphans.

  8. Cute cartoons. I love the memeless meme. That made me laugh.

  9. ROFL! I bet THIS post will become the next SPAM collector! You've mentioned it ALL in this one!

    LOVE that moose cartoon! HA!

    I wasn't around today for memeless Sunday... but I'll have something for the Weekend meme tomorrow!


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