24 Nov 2012


As I told you in my previous post, we are preparing the yearly Exposition of my painting group. Now that I have seen all pictures hanged up I wonder if we are not a bit old fashioned. Each subject or object on a painting is recognizable ! A man is a man a woman a woman a flower a flower etc. Boring compared to modern Art ! The good thing is that you can let play your phantasy to give the artwork a name or at least an interpretation when there is no title !

I just had a look about what is now in fahion !

I think this is ideal for pessimists or suicide attempted people. To be layed out in a corner of their living room.

Ideal for a dentist's cabinet in the waiting room ! It would cheer up the patients

An advertising for Brussels' wafels ?

A man with a cigare, or an inspiration for young couples to be put in the bedroom ?

These sculptures can only be wrinkled elephants, maybe for you front yard ? Keeps visitors away !

This painting had a title ! "Painting the Air". Unfortunately I don't know if it is smoking or non smoking area air ??


A Lady's Life said...

What awful art lol
The last one was of planes flying to the moon . I guess people all feel bad so the art reflects how they feel.

claudie said...

Modern art is often depressing, I find! But not Mélissas'painting! Of course this is modern but always very colorful ! You 'll see her art very soon if you decide to visit us for the New Year!!! I enjoy this moment very much now!

diane b said...

It sure is weird. I would rather see your art class work.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'll take whatever anyone in your painting class painted over the modern art you show ;>)...but that wouldn't surprise you to know I am slightly old-fashioned would it?

peppylady (Dora) said...

Not sure even what to say...I know there all sort of art and it represent a wide variety of things.
But I guess once I'm old enough to retire maybe I can take up painting again.

Coffee is on.

soulbrush said...

Oh my goodness NO. Give me a cat that looks like a cat and a flower that looks like a flower! I am so glad I am older these days- wouldn't want to be young again.