23 Nov 2012


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1. The climbing up and down the spiral staircase of the 4 floors in our son's house had made us realize that we are not the youngest one anymore. Mr. G.'s knees hurt and he had to take a pain killer. My legs were more or less OK and after Aqua gym I didn't feel anything anymore.

While I was in Amsterdam my little travel computer went on strike. I was so worried ! I thought I have to buy a new one ! But it was only the battery charger so I went right away to the store and bought a new one. At home I tried it out, charged the battery and now my baby computer works perfectly again !

2. For the first time in about 40 years I took the tram to Brussels ! It is nearly impossible or very expensive to park a  car in the city center I drove to the first stop outside Brussels, left my car there for nothing and took the tram for nothing too (people over 65 don't pay public transport) Of course the tram had become more modern, and there was even  a man in the tram who played accordion and sang songs. After that of course he came with a mug to collect some money. I found this a good idea, people looked less bored !

3. I had seen on TV that on the famous "Grand'Place" in Brussels, a Christmas tree is "built" ! I saw an ugly scaffolding in metal, which should be the Christmas tree of 2012 ! Each year there was a beautiful tree standing in the middle of the Grand Place, a real one coming from Scandianavian countries or from the Ardennes. 

Like this one

But this year we will have an an electronic Christmas tree a 24 meter (70 ft) high monumental electronic Christmas tree made of steel, covered with wood and a screen ! I was more then shocked ! I was furious, such an ugly thing ! They were busy with the construction and it really looked like a boozy scaffolding !
At least the stable with the nativity scene will be classical, they just built it up ! I hope Joseph will not be a tatooed punk and Mary in a Laday Gaga outfit ! I will write about this "Christmas tree" later.

Also the Christmas decoration in the shops were "normal"

4. I spent most of my time with preparing my paintings for our yearly Exposition, I had to fix a cord to hang them up and also check the things I have for the table decoration.

Finally I had put everything together and it was ready.


In the morning we got all together and selected the paintings and started to put them on the screens and on the walls. Of course we had a lot of fun laughing, joking and teasing each other and also had coffee with Brussels' wafels !


Linens and Royals said...

My arm doesn't allow me to say much but I am always looking. That Christmas tree sounds awful.

Reader Wil said...

You are right: that socalled tree is horrible. We also have trees from Scandinavia in Rotterdam and Gouda. The lights are electric ones, but the rest is real!
Last week I met Kay, her husband and Mara in Amsterdam. It was nice to see them. Although I could only be with them for a short time as their plane arrived much later than scheduled. I had to leave them after a short time , for it took me two and a half hours to get home again, travelling by trains, subway and bus. But it was whorth while seeing them again.
Have a nice time preparing for your exhibition!

Barbara H. said...

That's sad about the Christmas tree!

Setting up for your exposition sounds fun as does the tram ride. It's neat that over-65s ride free.

Glad your computer's ok.

Susanne said...

Whew, gotta love an easy fix on a computer. Glad it wasn't something worse!

Sad about the tree. It's in such a gorgeous setting with those incredible buildings. Hard to believe they would choose to go with a fake tree.

4 floors of spiral staircase? Yikes. I imagine it looks absolutely beautiful but boy, my thighs would be screaming!

Willow said...

I agree; that tree sounds like it will be awful. At least the store window displays are normal.
It's always a good thing when a computer problem has a quick and easy fix!

SandyCarlson said...

Sounds like a great time. The cityscape, the color, the decorations, everything! I hope the exposition was fun, too.

Ann said...

used to climb up and down the spiral of my frieds house, now, even on a flat surface, my calf muscles heard.

claudie said...

I'm curious about the result of this christmas special tree! I read about and was very srprised!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A nice trip that was. Enjoy Egypt...I'll check in on you in a couple of weeks.

Susan said...

That is a shame they city planners (or whoever) opted for such a different type of tree. I can't even imagine what it will look like. I hope the actual tree looks better in person than what I am thinking.

Your comment about Joseph and Mary (" I hope Joseph will not be a tattooed punk and Mary in a Lady Gaga outfit"}, made me smile. That would be horrendous.