19 Nov 2012


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Our grandson Toby celebrated his second birthday on Saturday, so we went off to Amsterdam !
The whole living room was nicely decorated, the birthday cake looked beautiful and Toby blow out the candles like a little hurrican !

I had bought him a little train and we were happy to see that he really loved it ! As soon as it was set up, he started to play and didn't look at his other toys anymore.

After we had a little sandwich, Toby went for his nap, and then the whole Dutch family arrived. The other grandparents, Toby's uncle with his two daughters his Russian wife, and her mother from Belorussia (Belarus) and other family members a total of 15 persons !

Toby's mum, as a little girl had also a train, and the grandma had brought the rails ! They fitted perfectly on the new train so it became bigger and bigger ! Grandparents and cousins are working together to add the rails !

The two little girls spoke Russian with their mother, and Dutch with their father. Toby "speaks" French with his Dad and us and Dutch with Mum and the rest of the family. It was great fun, we managed to talk and laugh together using German with the Russian Grandma and with Toby's Opa and Oma (Granddad and grandma in Dutch and German) English with Toby's uncle and aunt and I digged out my Dutch to speak with the little 5 year old Girl, who only spoke Dutch besides Russian, which I couldn't understand.

Later on we had a cold buffet, Mr. G. had brought all kind of Italian ham, salami, etc and all sorts of Italian cheese. All these dainties were very much appreciated and only a little was left !

Toby managed his birthday perfectly, he was so social and friendly with everybody. But in the evening when everybody had left, we were all tired and collapsed in our beds !

On Sunday morning it was grey and very humid and as St. Nicolas' day on December 6, is not so far away, we also had brought the gift for this day, as in the Netherlands St. Nicolas' day is far more important and celebrated then Christmas. The children get their gifts from St. Nicolas in the Netherlands and it is a very special day full of traditions. We celebrate Christmas more like the rest of the Western world and St. Niclas only a little or not at all. 

Mr. G. in his now two year old job as Nonno (Grandpa) had bought a car !! and what a car ! It ran alone, Toby was so surprised ! But then he understood (more or less) how it works. But I think he still prefers to push a car then to "drive" it with a wheel and buttons ! Probably when he is a little older he will appreciate it more !

Dad and Nonno of course had fun ! 

Around 11 am the sun suddenly showed its nose, but we didn't go for a walk with them because it was too cold and I don't want to catch a cold just before going on holidays end November. And honnestly we also were too lazy !

We went a little outside on the deck. In the afternoon we drove home it takes about two hours from Amsterdam to Brussels. There was a lot of traffic but we went through without any slowdowns or stops.

My "antic" legs are hurting because I am not used to live in a house with 4 floors ! Steps up, steps down etc I wonder how I will feel tomorrow ! Mr. G.'s are even worse !

It was such a fun weekend.


Jo said...

OMW Toby's birthday sounds like a United Nations congress meeting. How wonderful to have all the different family members and all those different languages. And they all worked together for the good of the Toby Railway Company, LOL! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I hope you're resting today. Have a great week. Hugs Jo

diane b said...

That sounds like you had a good weekend with Toby and all the others. Wow what an international crowd. It is great that Toby is learning 2 languages. Fox is just getting the hang of English. He is going to day care for half a day a week. He calls it school. There are lots of learning activities involved. He cries every time mum comes to pick him up and take him home, he wants to stay. That makes mum feel a bit rejected. Because he was going to mix with lots of American kids Sonya and Bernie had to give him some lessons on terms he would hear. Like mommy is the same as mummy: Daddy is the same as Papa and Grandaddy is really Grossvati. He managed to understand and now he calls Bill Grossvati and me Grandma. So all is sorted now.

A Lady's Life said...

Toby reminds me so much of my boys with their cars lol
History repeats itself. The lucky boy speaks so many languages. We decided to teach just English and let him decide which languages he wants to learn later
So the oldest was learning mandarin and french none of which he uses today and the second knows french and is studying spanish.
I don;t think I can manage 4 floors either. Mine right now is one floor and thats excellent for me. lol

Lea said...

What a fun time!
Happy Birthday to Toby!
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Kay L. Davies said...

So we just missed you in Amsterdam. We arrived Monday afternoon without our checked baggage. Mara and Wil had to wait in the airport for us to fill out forms. Then we all got on the train and came to the ship. Our luggage arrived some hours later, and we didn't have to carry it!
It was so nice to see Wil again, and great to see Mara before she moves to Norway. I'm still sorry she couldn't move to Canada.
Our trip on the Rhine, Main and Danube is 15 days, and here it is Monday again, so we're about halfway. The ship is in Nuremberg and everyone is out exploring except me, because I have a cold. It's nice being on the ship and not at home, however. The only thing missing is our dog.
Glad you had such a good time for Toby's birthday. I love trains!

Lynette said...

Cute photos of our family! Happy Thanksgiving!


Maribeth said...

What a good boy Toby is. Many children his age are not good with sharing their toys! Toby is wonderful!
I am happy that all went well. Yes, my birthday was a big hit!

claudie said...

Sounds you had agreat, great, WE in Amsterdam at Tobys' birthday! All those different languages in the same home make me happy!

✿ chica said...

Lindo menininho,belas fotos e um aniversário muito alegre! beijos,ótima semana!chica

Loree said...

It looks like you all had a blast. Happy birthday to Toby. It is wonderful that you can get to Amsterdam in just 2 hours.