12 Dec 2022


After breakfast we were on the road again, this time to Hergiswil where we visited a glazier factory which had been founded by two Italian brothers, and became Swiss under the label Glasi ! In the town was not much to see and it was rather cold. But in the factory we could watch the workers blowing glass balls and how they worked and then of course we had to see the shop which sold the Glasi models. I personally didn't like them, to me they seemed to thick of course I compared to the Murano glass.

In front of the factory was this nice Christmas tree with "Glasi" balls. 

The Glasi factory looked very quaint from outside
Father Christmas stood outside the shop, and I kept him company after having been in the shop, but haven't found anything. Some of my travel companions bought some Christmas gifts. 
On Saturday we went direction Lucerne, where we walked around admired the diversity of the architecture.

Lucerne seemed to be a beautiful city, unfortunately we couldn't stay very long, but at least we got an impression that there were many things to see and in warmer weather certainly also very interesting.
I liked the facade of this restaurant


We also visited this church, and sat down to warm us up. The church was nicely heated and warm.

Then we stopped at Egisheim where we visited (again) the Christmas market. But this time it was different as there were no stands but the market took place in the shops or boutiques.

On our way back to the hotel in Beckenried we stopped for Lunch in this nice Hotel, 

and then returned by ship. Unfortunately it was already dark and we didn't see very much except the lights of the little towns along the lake.

In Beckenried, this evening was a very important event

The restaurant of our hotel and three men with an enormous cow bell had their glass(es) of beer before they started to join the procession.

Men in white shirts and the bells from their cows carried the list of their children's wishes for Santa on a long procession to St. Nicholas, who was downtown sitting on his throne waiting for them. From my balcony I could see the very long procession and hear the cowbells! But it was too cold for me to walk into town. A few from our group went to see the festivities and told me that it had been a real big local fest.

Unfortunately here ended our trip to Switzerland. We returned to Brussels but stopped in the Alsace in France, and had a very good lunch there. The owner made a lot of jokes with us and we climbed in our coach full, happy and tired ! 


Rosie likes her Father Christmas who watches over her basket !

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  1. Switzerland is a beautiful place. Mom lived down in the four corners area of Germany for a few years and went to Switzerland a lot.

  2. What a lovely time you're having. It's good to get away and explore.

    I always love seeing Rosie. She's most beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  3. You've had a good trip but I bet Rosie is glad you're home again - even though, like most cats, she won't show it or forgive you for a little while :-)

  4. Rosie is adorable- such a sweetie! Your trip to Lucerne was a delight to see. When I was 15 years old I lived in Gstaad and we would go to Lucerne from time to time. Such a beautiful place. And the glazier factory was interesting- so different from Murano where I went once on a trip to Italy. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  5. The church interior is very peaceful.

  6. You sure got to see a lot in just a few days! To me it is sort of like an appetizer to go and see more!

    Rosie is so precious and that Father Christmas looks quite friendly, no wonder she likes him by her basket.

  7. Nice photos of your trip. Lucerne is a very popular town for tourists. Rosie has a nice friend.

  8. I see Rosie has a new friend. I remember that Lucerne was very pretty and that a lot of houses had paintings on their facades.

  9. Lucerne looks beautiful. I would have enjoyed seeing the glass blowers doing their job.


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