16 Jul 2021


On Monday I went with Myriam to Mr. G's new home, to mesure out the walls and to see what was missing and what he needed. Myriam is much better than I for these things and I made a list of what I had to buy. She liked the home very much and found it more like a hotel.

The next day I went shopping with my friend Isabelle who works in a hospital and who had helped me already a lot. We bought together all the things for Mr. G's room which he needed, like a bathmat, glasses and plates and a knife, some table sets, a laundry basket etc.

She also connected the TV and installed a special phone, with which he can receive calls but not call ! It looked already very nice like that. When we had finished who we found at the reception .... Nicole with her daughter who had visited the residence and found it also beautiful.  

I was incredibly lucky, I had to buy a refrigerator and while I was waiting at the front desk I read an advertisement "for sale" It was a brand new refrigerator with a guarantee, it was delivered and a day later the lady who had bought it died! Of course I bought it straight away and they just had to put it in Mr. G's room. Now he also has a refrigerator! 

The best and very human is that the residents are allowed to bring their animals with them. Cats and little dogs ! As Nicole has a cat, she was delighted that she could bring her with her. We also saw a man walking his dog and then coming back. 

My son especially came from Amterdam on Thursday to pick up his Dad and his belongings. We all met in the residence. As it was noon they had dressed a table for the three of us in the "living room" and we could have lunch together as a welcome ! The food was real good, as a starter a vegetable soup, then potatoes and vegetables with slices of veal in a delicious sauce. As desert we received a piece of rice cake and coffee ! 

Then we went back to his room and he met the first residents when we waited for the lift. He was the only man and of course as he was new everybody wanted to know his name and where he came from ! I thought that was a good start but he was very tired. While he slept, my son went shopping and I picked up a few missing things, not much because our elevator was out of work and we couldn't carry furniture or heavy things down the stairs ! 

Today my legs hurt, because going up and down 4 floors was quite tiring and I couldn't carry very much !

The outside

and the inside. Our Welcome lunch, and the room. Besides
 the door is the bathroom. The room mesures 20 m2
Now the worst is over and once he feels home there I can start my normal  life again, and a big bag fell from my shoulders ! 
It's a strange feeling to live in the same town but at different addresses, I have to get used to the fact that now he is there but not there.  After a month I am allowed tot take him home from time to time, I wonder if he still wants to, he seems to like the place !

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  1. It must be a great relief for you and I hope Mr G adjusts to his new home very quickly. You've done well and it is good that your son came to help.

  2. I'm so glad you found a great place for Mr. G. and had help getting things he needed. I hope he adjusts very well to the new surroundings. It will probably take him a little while to get used to it.

  3. It all looks very nice. And you're lucky to have very helpful friends.

  4. It looks lovely. You are lucky that it had a room for Mr G. I hope you can now begin to live your life once again.

  5. I'm thankful your husband has a nice place to stay...that must be a huge relief for you but also very difficult I can imagine.

    Happy Weekend!!

  6. It must be such a relief to get Mr G settled into his new home but sad for you to now be on your own. Good that visiting is now so much easier than earlier in the pandemic. Hopefully you will be able to relax a bit more now and feel better.

  7. It must be heartbreaking for you but it does look like a lovely home. Glad all is going well.

  8. I am glad that things are working together for Mr G to have a lovely place to live, even to buying that refrigerator. It is an adjustment to make these changes, but you seem to be very positive about it. And it was so good to have your son there to help.
    Have a good weekend, and I hope your elevator is fixed soon!

  9. That looks like a lovely place. I'm so glad you were able to get Mr. G. in there. I'm sure it will take some time for you both to adjust. How wonderful to have your son's help. Up and down 4 flights of stairs, I can imagine your legs must be sore.


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