30 Dec 2007


I always read on blogs that people are afraid of spams ! They have spam protectors and thousands of verifications not to let through one spam. And when a spam manages to get through, usually the reaction is from furious to fear. And if on top they write about this spam and what it had caused I think the person who send it must be very satisfied because at least he got what he wanted : attention and reaction.

I haven't done anything special to protect myself from spams except the usual things which everybody has. So it is not very difficult for "spammers" to get through and I admit I find it funny ! It is so amazing to read what some peoples brains are breading a real feast for somebody who is interested in psychology.

I cannot say that I am getting spams very often, but it happens from time to time and it always makes me laugh.

This morning for example I got a proposal to spend New Year with a young man (pictures were available, but I refrained myself from the pleasure to look at this Adonis) in all "discretion". It was a "call service" who offered it's services. Isn't that nice ? Maybe it is not of interest to me but I am sure some lonely or unsatisfied women are glad about such an offer and service.

Sometimes I get offers for free condoms to try out. Besides the fact that I don't need them anymore and never had, I don't know how to find the time to try out 4 different sorts at my high age (and not only mine). I think my blogging would suffer.

I don't even mention the porns which I personally find funny because the contortions of these (mostly) women are worth a circus presentation.

It also happens that people use my blog to empty their fanatic religious or political hearts and try to make a better world. These usually mile long comments I just delete I don't want to make the world better this way.

There are a few other examples such as publicities but not really worthwhile to mention. So what is your reaction when you get spams ?


Unknown said...

Hello Gattina,
thank you for your visits.
Had some trouble logging on to your blog. But this morning no problems. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your family.
Amsterdam must be like many other cities in the world who don't have the wonderful traditions you find in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Do you have any Christmas markets in Belgium?
Well, the holidays are over and we are looking forward to celebrate the new year.
What will it bring you??
Hopefully not too many spams:-))
All the best,

Happy New Year..

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."
-- Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Unknown said...

Hello Gattina,
Yolanda lives in Holland, she has a wonderful blog called "Bliss"
She wrote during the Christmas time, that many people from her country travel to Germany to vivist the Christmas markets. Now I know why:-))
cheers Gisela

Deana said...

I'm like you I just delete long crazy comments and don't worry so much about Spam. I don't see the point of freaking out over it...

pussreboots said...

My main email address I've had now for 10 years so spam is inevitable. I have gotten very good at making sure it is deleted before I even have a chance to glance at the links to scams, porn and whatnot.

For comment spam on my blog, all the comments come to a different email address and I manually post all the comments to my site. While on busy days like Thursday Thirteens, it can make for a lot of work, I have never let a spam slip through.

TorAa said...

Oh dear you,
I so do agree: Spam is not a threat, it is similar to have your "snail mail" office box filled with advertisers "blind mail". We do not open, but return to resircilation. I can not understand the waist of money the advertisers are " adviced" to use, and how many trees to be chopped down and how many chemicals used to produced.
When spam are sent as an e-mail, well, it's (hahaha) more "Green" than by Snail Mail. But with the right filter, and - we think the same way: How many "interesting offers" we got.
And so many that reminds me of last night - how many places could I have been? Oh, ja, it was a offering: 10 times a day. What a dream my age. And my job. I wonder: Could it be done in less the time I use to shave? Hahahahaha.

Yeah, It's only to ignore or like here:
have fun

PS. Cats are OK. Me not so, but awakening. Cats taking very good care.


Julie said...

I don't have problems with Spam...I guess my blog isn't that important. But I have fun with it!