5 Jan 2008


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Some days you better stay in bed and don't move if you will survive until the evening ! That happened to me yesterday. First this story with the mouse we hosted for at least 24 h if not more. Since I have cats I also have mice !

Then this : As always when you really don't need it, the telephone rings. I was just standing on a stool to take the light garlands out of the tree when it rang. Not anymore light in my movements like a dragonfly I wanted to step down, I managed more to imitate an elephant and with the garlands around my neck and the tree over me I found myself sitting in our armchair ! Of course the telephone had stopped ringing.

Fortunately I didn't fall on the tiles but stumbled against the armchair. I sweard silently in my non existing beard, pulled myself together, tried to get rid of the garlands and stood up. The tree was now laying on the floor with all the colored plastic balls which was very appreciated by cat Rosie and cat Lisa who found it very nice of me to have put the tree on the floor so that they could play with the decoration.

After two hours of work with the Christmas stuff I swore to myself to never decorate the house again ! And this is the only resolution I made for this year ... until Christmas !


Jana said...

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself, I'm sure the cats enjoyed seeing you take the tree down from a jump from the step ladder!!!

Anonymous said...

Je n'ai pas eu de problème avec mon arbre car Tiger est encore trop farouche pour oser rester longtemps dans la maison. Les autres sont plutôt calmes! Nous avons un lapin blanc dans sa cage et de temps en temps je le laisse courir dans la salle à manger! Quel malheur! Hier il était en chaleur; il se précipitait sur les chats qui étaient complètement terrifiés!

Melli said...

Oh dear! Oh DEAR! The only time I ever had a toppled tree was the year I had moved back in with my mother - Amanda was just a baby. We had put the tree up, decorated it and it was perfect and beautiful. My mother thought ONE ornament should be moved and I told her no, it was fine... but the minute I walked out of the room, she decided to MOVE the ornament. Being to short to reach it to where she thought it belonged, she pulled the whole tree over on top of herself. OUR ornaments were NOT plastic... they were glass. You can imagine the rest!

Diane said...

Oh dear! I see what you mean now! I read your comment over at my blog and thought I would see if I could find out the whole story!

Glad you are OK...happy New Year!


L. said...

Hi Gattina....Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet message!

First of all, Happy New Year! Secondly, I am glad that you could laugh about your recent mishap...and that you are ok.

I have had some problems in trying to get to your blog in the past few months. It seems to take forever for it to open and many times it freezes up on me. When that occurred with me once I was told by a reader to make the number of posts shown on a page a little less..and that seemed to help my problem. Just thought that I'd pass that on in case anyone else has had this issue and you wanted to try and cut back on how many posts are shown on the first page.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a hilarious end to your Xmas - glad you wasn't hurt then!

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week!

Btw: Aren't you gonna party with us at Lifecruiser tonight?

nannykim said...

Funny story--it reminds me of the time my son pulled the tv over and the round antenna went over his head and was around his neck and he (a two year old) was holding onto the tv for dear life!

Unknown said...

I finally got our decorations down and put away, now I'd like a nap. :)