3 Jul 2018


It is impossible to escape the World cup fever unless you lock yourself in in a basement with earplugs in your ears.Wherever I go, there are posters, flags or other things which should celebrate the Belgian Team "The Red Devils" ! Adults and kids wear horns and carry a fork and cars are decorated with horns and the rear view mirror wear a "stocking" with the colors of the Belgian flag.

Tonight the Devils will play against Japan. Of course whole Waterloo is equipped for this event.
A huge screen is built up in the park where an area is destined for all kinds of sports. All caf├ęs and Brasseries have big screens to attract clients.

The park lay peaceful in the sunshine when I went there around 10 am and a part from me, nobody was around.

The trees looked green and beautiful

and the air had a delicious smell.

Then I discovered a little hole, which lead to the ground where the screen was built up.

It was huge and normally everybody should see the game.

In my naivety I had thought I could go on the empty ground and take pictures from there ! Impossible it was all surrounded by high fences !

Nobody could go inside.

I held my camera through the grid holes to make the pictures ! Here are the beer tents. I hope they will have enough !

and then I discovered the entrance, where you have to buy the tickets to sit or rather stand up in the lawn !

The way to the tickets ! Tonight there will be long lanes of people here

and then you can see a pool of peoples all in red, yellow and black ! This was from the last game when Belgium won against Tunisia.

And here is a picture of the Belgian team which plays in Russia.

I can only agree with Mr. Trump who said that we live in a hell hole ! For the moment he is right, we do with all the devils around !

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William Kendall said...

It's occupying a lot of attention, those games. They're airing the games in office tower lobbies here. I saw a bit of the Belgium-Japan game yesterday passing through one building.

Andrew said...

And Belgium won, so it will only become more of a hell hole.

mamasmercantile said...

Football fever seems to be everywhere, it will soon all be over for another 4 years. Beautiful park photos.

Lea said...

Congratulations on the win over Japan, and best of luck as the team continues on to the final games! Soccer is gaining popularity here in the United States, but is not yet a national obsession.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm so glad you took photographs of the peaceful park and the trees. Am I right in guessing that you probably won't be attending the games yourself?
I hope you are well, my dear friend.
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Lady Fi said...

Lovely shots! I've been watching the World Cup - very exciting.

Wendy said...

And it's not over yet! lol. Just watching the game against Brazil.