2 Jul 2018


We had a wonderful rather hot and sunny weekend ! Real summer for once ! Ideal to live outside !

We were invited by a friend for a drink late afternoon, she has a very beautiful huge garden. Unfortunately there is no way to sit in it because there are no seats ! So we had to stay in the glass covered patio in which it was quite hot, despite the fact that the windows were all open. We are all the kind of outside girls except our host and Nicole even sits on her terrace in a thick coat when the sun is shining !  But we had a lot of fun and laughter, it's always nice to get together !

I sit the whole day outside and work from there, I can observe what is going on, not much, because I can't see any neighbors, they are away on holidays but at least my cats entertain me !

I saw cat Rosie sitting in the lawn and realized a little later that it was a magpie as Rosie couldn't fly away ! Must have been the heat, because I don't need glasses anymore.

Sunday Mr. G. had his formular 1 and was glued to the TV screen. I escaped the noise of the cars and went to Ilona who had just returned from Spain. We were sitting in her garden on comfortable beach beds, in the shade of course and she told me about her holidays.

She had bought this beautiful breakfast service, but could only take a sample along in the airplane, her friends bring the rest by car.

On my way back I saw the houses and cars decorated for the football game tomorrow, Belgium (The Red Devils) against Japan.



Fun60 said...

I had to laugh at you mistaking a magpie for your cat ha! ha!

Tamago said...

My coworker who is Japanese told me about the game tomorrow. I immediately thought about you :-)

Maribeth said...

We are having a terrible heatwave! 36 degrees C! The air is thick with humidity and I only want to be inside with my friendly air conditioner! Tomorrow I go to Windham, NH to my daughter's home to babysit the children, as they have tickets to see Bono and U2. My daughter has a great pool and so I plan to spend a lot of time in it with the children.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like how you and your friends take advantage of the good weather by living outside! In Florida, everybody likes to do that -- I swear there are some people in our resort who only go inside to sleep ;>)~ .... It must have been an odd feeling to see Rose fly away ;>).... I once took some pictures of a crow and a black cat looking at each other like wondering if they wee related!

Andrew said...

I can see why you would mistake the magpie for your cat. It is a nice garden but there is a dead tree next to the pond.

William Kendall said...

Rosie is a sweetie.

We've had humid weather that made it feel like past forty C, but some of the humidity at least is gone.