29 Jun 2018



On Monday finally we could pick up our visa for Russia. We got a number and 10 min later our number was called and a very friendly young man who spoke perfectly English gave us our passports.

He joked when he saw us life and on the pictures of our visa which is glued into the passports. We said we really looked like dangerous terrorists, and we all laughed. So now we have all requested papers for our 10 countries round trip.

As 3 of our scrabble group were on holidays, I went to Myriam and we sat the whole afternoon

in her garden and chatted. It was too warm to scrabble and then only two is not much fun.

The school year is finished, officially on June 30, but a lot of people are already away.

For us too it was the last day of the "year", and we celebrated with champagne and snacks, and even a little birthday cake. Anyway we arranged that we can use the room in August and will get together without teacher. Otherwise two month holidays are too long if you are retired and on holidays the whole year !

As it was so nice and warm 6 of us decided to have a sandwich or salad in a little snack, but with a huge terrace. We arrived around 12 and suddenly it was 3 pm !

My office is again outside and sometimes when one of the numerous magpies sit in the grass, I think it is Rosie my cat, when I just have a quick glance. Of course when it flies away I realize that it couldn't be Rosie !

Even the King and Queen of Belgium couldn't resist the excitement !Nobody had never seen them like that, just like ordinary people !(picture top right)

Besides that whole Belgium is in football (soccer) fever again, the Red Devils won against the UK, the country went mad. I saw a whole school class disguised in devils, and finally dear Trump was right when he said that Brussels is a "hell hole" For the moment it's true for whole Belgium !!

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Faith said...

Great list of faves!!

LOVE that pool photo!!

Vicki said...

A trip to Russia sounds great! My oldest cat looks like yours, and they do look like the bird.

William Kendall said...

Good for you on the visa.

They call that kind of black and white cat a tuxedo cat here.

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad the paperwork for the trip finally worked out! It's nice you'll be able to use your art room even without the teacher. It's so hard to imagine the whole country going on holiday. Sounds like you had some fun get-togethers!

Wendy said...

Phew it must be a relief to have all that paperwork finally sorted. Yes football fever is here too. Although of course we were a bit disappointed with the result against Belgium lol. I don't take a lot of notice of it but it's hard not to when England are playing.

Laura said...

Hello again -- long time no see!

I think outside is the best place for one's office.

The trip to Russia sounds exciting. I look forward to pictures.

Have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

Myriam's garden is lovely. I would be able to sit there all day! Finally your passport for Russia is done! That was quite the ordeal. I laughed at the fella saying you looked like terrorists. Gotta love passport photos. Your end of the year party looks like it was fun and how nice that you are able to meet in August. Two months is a long time. Our group gets together for a fun night in the summer too. At quick glance your Rosie does look like the magpie!

Tamago said...

LOL LOL the magpie and Rosie-I de see the resemblance :-)
Yay for finally getting visa for Russia!

mamasmercantile said...

Thrilled you got the Visa, sounds like an amazing trip.

Loree said...

Now you're all set to go to Russia. I am sure you will have an amazing time. The World Cup is driving most people wild. Since the Maltese team never makes it to the finals most people pick a team from another country to support. Usually England and Italy are the most popular.

Fun60 said...

Glad you have your Russian visa. They are very expensive to buy here , over £200. World cup fever is taking over everywhere.