25 Jun 2018


When I returned home from the Belgian coast, I had a smooth and nice trip without any problems, but on the other side from Brussels to the coast the highway was packed ! Everybody wanted to go to the coast. Unfortunately at the entrance of Brussels there was a terrible traffic jam, but my clever Madame GPS directed me through little streets and I suddenly I was on the main street leading to Waterloo. Don't ask me which way I took, I have no idea, but I arrived in time ! What a wonderful invention.

The whole town or country was in football (soccer) fever and even if you weren't interested at all in football you couldn't escape ! The shops, the streets, the cars and the people were all decorated in yellow, black and red and I have never seen so many flags hanging at the windows and all that for the Belgian football team "Les Diables Rouges".

Mr. G. was angry because normally he had the Formular 1 classification, but it had been cancelled on all European channels because of the football game Belgium (The red Devils) against Tunisia ! When they won even a deaf person could hear it.

I was sitting in my car surrounded by honking cars, I quickly drove home, the whole city seemed to be mad. But no incident happened. It was pure joy.

I drove along the Waterloo park where a huge screen had been installed and as you can see the park was full !

The cars wore horns, and flags, the people were made up as devils and not even babies and dogs could escape this madness !

My cats no football fans either, refused to wear a costume, so I found this one on internet !

At home it was peaceful and in our street too, only sometimes during the night I heard some firework.
The only very positive thing about football is, that it brings people together, suddenly there are no Flemish or Waloons anymore only Belgians with the same proud and joy.  For those who didn't know where Belgium is, as it is such a little point on the world map, now they know.

On Sunday it was quite calm probably the people had celebrated with too much beer and had to recover. Even the market was rather empty. I did my little shopping and went home.

The afternoon was calm and quiet with some TV watching and blogging. Am I happy that the blog comments arrive again in my emails ! That's much easier ! 


A little flea poo on the world map !


Andrew said...

Not a large country, but a very well known and important country.

Wandering Wren said...

I hope you saw us waving at you? Haha you wouldn't have, we had seats in the very back row of the stadium to cheer on Belgium. We were so pleased with the number of goals, having only seen one goal in the other matches. It was exciting to be in Russia.
I loved seeing how everyone in Belgium is enjoying the football.
My son has just arrived in Holland - nothing! Everyone was watching the Formula One!
Good luck Belgium cheering for you all the way now :)
Wren x

William Kendall said...

That's a whole lot of Cup fans!

Tamago said...

Wow, that's a huge crowd! Glad no incident happened. I have zero interest in football but it sure is nice that the event brings people together :-)

Loree said...

Haha you think Belgium is small? Malta is usually invisible on the world map :) Yes there is football fever everywhere. I think Belgium played very well. Football is the only spot I will watch. Anything else makes me sleep after 5 minutes - except figure skating.

Fun60 said...

It is football fever here as well. Thanks fro your email about the bog emails. I have been away at my son's wedding but will get back to reading, commenting and posting again.

Maribeth said...

Oh, Jack is now watching the World Cup now too. He loves it and gets carried away. I have almost no interest, although I do try.
Have a good week!