6 Jul 2018



1. The school holidays have started and the good thing is there is a lot less traffic in the city. Summer sales have started too and are lasting until the end of the month. In Belgium there are only twice "Sales" one on first of July and one first of January.

I didn't join the female crowd and storm into shops to catch a bargain. I wait until the end of the sales in case I need something because then it's really cheap.

2. It is still very hot here around 30 ° (86 F) I live with closed shutters to keep the heat out of the house. But I am lucky in our yard under the pergola it is nice and cool and the wind is blowing a bit.

3. This is my office for the moment, I really wished it would last at least the whole summer, it could rain during night, but not during the day !

4. Nicole owner of dog Charlie was very unhappy since he died more than a year ago. She told me she couldn't live without an animal. To adopt a dog was impossible, because she lives in a flat and would have to go out all the time and it's also difficult to find a place when you go on holidays. Her daughter works in an animal refuge and had sent her a picture of this cute cat. She is already adult but is a little cat and is supposed to be a Birman cat. Why she landed in a refuge is unknown probably she has a little breed fault somewhere. Of course I had to see her and she is real cute, and not shy at all after she spent the whole afternoon in the dark under the staircase until she finally came out !

I only saw her the next day on the way to our Scrabble group, I stopped at Nicole's  to finally see her and fell in love ! Now Nicole is happy, when she comes home, there is somebody waiting for her.

5. We had again a very nice Scrabble afternoon, followed by coffee and and excellent cake !

It was very hot and we only did one game. Nobody went into the swimming pool though !

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Linens and Royals said...

Nicole's cat looks like a Birman cat not a Burmese and is the same colour as my Charlotte who died aged 20 years. Hope to see lots more of Nicole's cat.

Tamago said...

Nicole’s kitty is so adorable! I’m glad she found forever home and makes Nicole happy :-)

William Kendall said...

Nicole's cat is a cutie!

We had several days of heat and humidity. It's more moderate today, and the humidity seems to be gone.

Willow said...

I like your office! It looks like a great place to spend the whole summer.

Nicole's cat seems to be making the adjustment easily. Cats can be good companions and they don't need the walks and all the attention dogs need.

Maribeth said...

I think the cat looks like an old-fashioned Siamese. They call them "Apple Head Siamese". She is beautiful!

Fun60 said...

Similar temperatures here. It is lovely to see the blue skies but I don't like the humidity. Football fever is everywhere. You play tonight and we play tomorrow. Good luck.

Barbara H. said...

What a pretty cat! I hope she adjusts well. It's hot, here, too - too hot to do much outside in the day time, but not bad in the evenings. Nice office! I tend to avoid really big sales crowded with lots of people, too.

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie said...

Sweet kitty cat!
I don't go to sales much either. Every now and then I remind my husband that over the years I have saved him a small fortune because I do not like to shop!
Have a great weekend!

Wendy said...

Cute cat and yes I can understand wanting someone in the house when you get home. It's too hot to do much at all at the moment. Your pergola looks the perfect spot to enjoy the weather.

Mara Jellema said...

So important to have a living being at home. Especially when you’re on your own.

Susanne said...

That is a beautiful cat. Your "office" is very inviting.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your summer office looks perfect! That's a very sweet cat, good for Nicole! The swimming pool behind the scrabble table looks very inviting!