5 Jul 2018


A blue sky is always very pleasant to see especially when you lay down and look up in the air !

Blue, blue everywhere, sometimes little white, fluffy clouds

I could lay there for hours and relax ! Birds are chirping and my cats run after them without any success.

Of course I couldn't imagine what was going on over this blue sky ! And finally I was happy not to see it ! But I could hear ! I don't know if it was due to the wind but the noise of airplanes became unsupportable ! I counted 7 planes in 5 minutes ! As long as I live in Waterloo that has never happened. Probably they have some work to do on the normal runway and had to use another one !

Finally I had enough and googled to know why it was so noisy !

And then I found a site which showed me why ! A picture of what happened above my head, over the romantic blue sky !!

It was all these airplanes which landed or started in Brussels or Brussels South ! I was horrified, I had never though that there was so much traffic in the sky ! Almost more than on our streets !

I took a screen shot of the traffic because on the site Flightradar the little mini planes are moving which looks even more terrifying !

Now I think it is a miracle that none of these little toy planes fell on my head ! 


Andrew said...

That is terrifying. It not quite so crowded in my part of the world, but you can see where the people in Australia travel, up and down the east coast.

Maribeth said...

When Jack was still working as a Pilot, he had a small apartment with a few other pilots near JFK Airport in New York. Needless to say, it's all you heard. Planes, planes, and more planes! It drove me crazy. But all the Pilots seemed not to notice! LOL

songbird's crazy world said...

I live on Long Island. I see many planes headed to NYC airports, but I also live very close to a regional airport. I would worry if there were no planes in the sky over my head.

William Kendall said...

There are always a lot of planes up there; it's a marvel that they keep them organized.

Our international airport is to the south of the city, and the runways are oriented on mostly east-west directions, so it's rare to see a jet descending in the core of the city. There are a couple of other airports though for single engine and smaller craft in various spots, but even then one doesn't see much in the way of aircraft in the core.

Loree said...

Oh my gosh that looks so scary. I've heard of Flightradar. My son is on it every other day. U an bit so interested :)

Fun60 said...

I agree with you,I don't want to think about how many aircraft are in the sky above especially as we are under the flight path for Gatwick