8 Jul 2018


Another sunny weekend went by we are really spoilt this year ! On Saturday I did some shopping for my little birthday celebration on Sunday afternoon. Nothing special only my best friends. My son and family are in England and couldn't come, but we will celebrate later when I go to Amsterdam in 2 weeks.

As I am doing this big trip beginning August I had asked for pocket money to buy me something which I like perhaps in these countries. My son offered me this cute piggy bank  at Christmas with something inside of course. Now I am hoping that the cat gets fat on my birthday !

Mr. G. offered me this beautiful bouquet, and my friend Bunny sent me a paper card, although she knows that I prefer virtual once, but she insists she is sometimes a bit traditional.

Mr. G. also sent me a card (I live so far away !)

And another friend had composed this card for me !

On Sunday I got lots of birthday wishes via Messenger or Whatsapp ! Son and family called too.
After lunch I prepared the table and everything for 3 pm when my Birthday party should start.

First we had a delicious strawberry cake on which I had tried to write a 75, and then forgot to take a picture. Mr. G. had his Formular one and was happy, while we chatted about important and less important things ! 

Later for the Champagne and little snacks he joined us, he still had his earphones on and looked like a Teletubby. Our 3 cats were sleeping on the lawn, only Arthur asked for whipped cream of course.

Another birthday over and I enjoyed it very much !


William Kendall said...

Happy Birthday!

Tamago said...

Happy birthday! The flowers from Mr. G are beautiful! And lovely cards you received. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday party :-)

Jo said...

What an important birthday and I almost missed it. Happy birthday! I love Mr G posing with his headphones on. Was he pleased that Sebastian beat Lewis Hamilton. ( I was!) Have a wonderful year ahead. One day I'll be there to celebrate a birthday with you! Jo

Maribeth said...

I'm so glad your special birthday was a good one! My birthday, the same day as Toby's, is in the dark, dreary month of November. Still, I hope for a nice celebration for my 60th!

Linens and Royals said...

Happy Birthday, it all looks very festive. Love the decorations and cards. You will be celebrating my very special birthday for me on your tour. I might even reveal my age.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

looks like a great day!!! Happy belated BD!!