10 Jan 2009

SMILEY SATURDAY - Retirement occupations

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Since Mr. Gattino is retired he has discovered a lot of new things to keep him busy. For example the letter box, now it's him who takes in the mail and then he complains bitterly that besides useless advertisings, there are only bills and from time to time a postcard. Poor man ! I know that the same bills arrived since 40 years.

He also has discovered that light has to be switched off in order to keep the electricity bill reasonable. So what he is doing now he checks behind me if I have left a light on and then he is totally happy when he discovers that I forgot to switch off the light in the bathroom. So as a loving wife I entertain him by switching off the light when he is in there pretending that I thought I had forgotten it. This is good for his blood pressure.

Never had he looked at phone bills. Now he does it, not for the amount of the bill, but for the length of the conversations ! Then he would say "You talked for 6 and a half hours with Ilona (the bill arrives all two months) and you see her at least 3 times a week, what the heck are you talking about ? " I only know that it must have been very important otherwise we wouldn't have talked that long.

The worst is his occupation with the cats ! Each time a cat crosses his way or sits in front of him peacefully washing her face, he thinks that she is hungry hurries in the kitchen to feed the poor thing. The poor thing to be polite, sniffs a little at the food, turns around and tail up disappears in another direction. "Do you think she is sick ?" he worries. Since he is retired all our cats became more "round" !

When I think that I married a man who didn't care about electricity, mail, bills, feeding cats, and wondering about the length of telephone conversations, I think retirement changes men !


The Bumbles said...

Oh Gattina - I think your husband has been in our house feeding our kitties - one of them has gotten extremely fat! Funny observations you have made here.

Jana said...

Mr Gattino needs a hobby- maybe he should take up guitar playing?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Has Mr Gattino been feeding Mitzi? She's becoming quite round.

Hmmm, sounds like he needs a hobby. Show him how to set up a blog (and then buy him a computer, otherwise he'll take yours over), and he'll be as busy as you.

Maribeth said...

On now my hubby retired and does nothing! Not really, his activities are to go to the recycling center. But my problem is that he usually returns with more than he left with. Another piece of junk that he knows we will use before we die!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh dear God! My husband already worries himself sick about such things... WHAT on EARTH will retirement bring to me??? NO! I don't want to know! I will just tell him tonight that he is NEVER to retire!

claudie said...

ha ha your post is so humouristic as always!!! I think it's a chance to know a such life because our Sarkokenstein wishes that we work to 70 years old! He is a such superman that he thinks people must live like him, the superactiv hero! Ce m├ęchant nain ne nous laissera pas profiter de la retraite!

EastCoastLife said...

I probably won't be seeing much of my husband when he retires. He would be so engrossed in his grassroot and community work.

Liz said...

What a great story to relate! I love the idea of you switching off lights so innocently!

Vlado&Toni said...

I've heard such stories about hubby retiring... good thing you are looking at this with humor. because a friend of mine who was a housewife and ruled her household for the longest time was shocked (and still is now) that her husband has been controlling almost everything she does since he retired. she said she wants her peace and space she used to have.well that's too late now.

Pamela said...

funny about the cat.
We are baby sitting our daughters cat (in month 13 of this duty)

I came home yesterday from a trip out of town for a funeral (sad weekend)
and that cat was sick. My husband is just fretting over it. I took her to the veterinarian this morning and waiting for them to call with any news.