16 Oct 2015


1. It seems to me that all days are the same, grey, humid and cold. Apparently we have the coldest October since ages, only 2 to 3 ° and it has even snowed a bit in the Ardennes.

2. The only thing to do is staying home and do things you don't like to do, like sorting out old things you don't need anymore for the big garbage truck which comes twice a year. From lamps to suitcases, old tools and other stuff, Mr. G and I carried everything on the street.

My neighbors did the same and it was interesting to see how many cars and vans drove by to choose from all these things, something they could need. We never had such a lot of traffic in our street !

3. I had enough of staying home and took the train to Brussels center.

Close to the Grand'Place is a big gallery with a lot of shops of all kinds. At least it was warm in there. I walked around and bought two berets, one in red and one in beige, I like wearing them but I hadn't found any in Waterloo.  In this gallery there are a lot of leather clothes shops and coats and clothes in general, mostly owned by Pakistani (I guess) and you have to haggle too !

4. Each year I have an eye control to see if everything is OK. Ever since I have seen the drama with my neighbor who has developed the "Macula" I prefer to have my eyes checked. Although I had an appointment I had to wait for 45 min, because of an old lady who had mixed up her appointments and sneaked in before me ! I hadn't heard my name ! Fortunately everything was OK I only need new glasses. The doctor said my view has changed to worse, which I can't understand, because I see better then ever and even can take my glasses off at home. Anyway I am a special case, ever since I stopped smoking I cough like an old locomotive and I am breathless more quick ! The fact that I lost 5 kgs during my pregnancy instead of getting big like all the other future mums, confirms that I don' fit into norms.

5.With the prescription for new glasses I went to the optician. I nearly fainted when I heard the price ! And the health insurance only reimburses half of the price of one glass, because the other is not strong enough ! Of course the frame is not included, so I wonder how you do when you have no money for a new frame ? Do you have to nail the glasses on your eyebrows  over your eyes ??
I could have easily gone on a two weeks holidays for the same price !

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I saw the snow - thankfully it went north or south and missed us! Gosh that's an interesting concept - giving you two slots a year to chuck out heavy-old stuff for the 'council' to collect, or anyone prepared to come round and pick up something saleable or useable before hand.

Glad you had a good shopping trip -though the glasses sound horrendous! Cheers Hilary

Anonymous said...

Snow! I'm amazed at the temperatures you are having for October. Several of my co-workers are in Belgium and I think they like coming back to our warm weather. Sorry about those glasses and frames. Here, we have other options besides the optometrist so we can avoid attaching lenses to eyebrows ;-)

Anonymous said...

I actually feel pretty good about sorting and getting rid of things once I am into it, though it takes me a while to get to it. The excursion to the Brussels center sounds like fun! We have had good results with getting glasses prescriptions filled at Zenni optical online - much cheaper than in stores.

Fun60 said...

It's not been as cold here so I have been able to get out and about. I am off to Vienna next week so I need to pack some warm clothes I think. Hope your weekend goes OK.

Andrew said...

I've heard the same from other people who have given up smoking, that they are worse when they stop. I guess that is temporary.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I hate how much glasses and dental work cost -- we don't have insurance for either of those (we do for medical). Yeah, I don't have to nail them on, nor do I have to go without, but you are absolutely right -- for the cost of annual eye and teeth checkups we could go on a cruise!

That big garbage pickup is a good thing. We always take tons of stuff to GoodWill (where they sell used stuff and give disabled people jobs).

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

Glasses and frames can be quite expensive here, too. So I have used the same frames for years and years and years. It is a classic frame and so doesn't look outdated.

HURRAY for getting rid of old stuff. It always feels so good to declutter. That is on my to-do list for November.

Try to stay warm this week. ;)

diane b said...

You have me giggling as usual, Nailing the glass to your eyebrow. We have the same here. Don't get it all back from health insurance. We also have the kerbside clean up days and others come by sniffing through the junk. I hope that little blue car doesn't get taken with the other stuff.

Susanne said...

Glasses are super expensive here and unless you have a benefit plan either from your employer or paying for one yourself it definitely can make you faint here too. We have a "freecycle" weekend every year where people can put things out in front of the house with a free sign on it and people can take them as they want. I couldn't believe that every single thing put out got taken. One man's junk is another man's treasure!

Loree said...

I am with you about the price of glasses. The prices they charge are ridiculous. It's amazing that it is already so cold in Brussels. It is still summer here - until Tuesday - then I think that autumn will find it's way here.