15 Oct 2015


I was looking for a winter coat and therefore went to different stores, boutiques and shops and as usual when you are looking for something you find nothing.

In one store I saw a beautiful mannequin, in a black velvet suit, black patent shoes and white socks, which were the only "color" spot in the whole outfit and the mannequin too, because obviously it was a black one. I could only see the back, but admired the velvet suit which looked really very elegant. I suddenly remembered that Mr. G. once also had a velvet suit, that must have been in the 70th but it had been brown. At that time he was a fashion freak and not comparable to the "garbage" look he has today, he doesn't care about fashion or clothes at all anymore. How people can change.

Anyway my mannequin suddenly became alive moved and turned around. What I saw was a handsome very tall black man with a large smile on his face showing white teeth that all dentists in the world only can dream of. He had seen the shock on my face and that made him smile !

I quickly recovered and told him that I am sorry to stare at him like an old lady in a zoo, but that I had taken him for a mannequin and was shocked when it suddenly turned around. That made him laugh out loud and me too ! I told him that I liked his velvet suit and that he looked very elegant. He was very pleased, he was not more than in his 20th. I smiled again and went away, avoiding mannequins.

Jenny Matlock
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  1. Hi Gattina - velvet suits can be so so smart - as your surprised young man showed ... what a great story ... Mr G I can understand his relaxation in his dress code!! Cheers Hilary

  2. What a great story! I bet you made his day.

  3. Did Mr G have a safari suit too? I recently made the opposite mistake to you, thinking a sculpture was a real person.

  4. What a delightful post for V and love velvet clothing or anything velvet or velour ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. Lovely little tale for letter V.

  6. I can bet black velvet suit man doesn't own a white cat. My grandson is looking for a suit for his school formal. I will suggest black velvet.

  7. I probably would've gasped quite loudly as he turned. Great story! I had me two pairs of velvet pants in the 1970s--one blue, the other brown--both gifted to me by the Mama. They weren't my style, but I did enjoy wearing the blue ones now and then.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  8. We used to have clothes made in what we called 'velour' -- probably a cheap imitation velvet -- back in the 70s. Bill had a couple of shirts and I had a lovely long green skirt which I absolutely loved. Being retired, I can kind of understand Mr G's lack of interest in fashion. But I still like to look nice when going out. We're pretty casual in both places where we live though -- you can go to a concert in jeans and Tees if you want to (we dress up a little bit) -- and there are very few restaurants that actually have a dress code of any kind.

  9. glad to shop for v words today
    and discover your Velvet word in your blog link.



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