22 Mar 2021


Isis loves company and participates in the conversation






On Saturday I rested the whole day  after all the excitement of the past week! Mr. G seems very happy with his room in the hospital and the people are all very nice. He is alone in his room and can watch TV as much as he wants. 

I slept until 10 a.m., 12 h exactly (!) then drank coffee and made my post for the next day. In between friends called me and I hang on the phone for a while. The weather was so nice (but cold) that I had to open the living room door and sit in the sun that was shining inside. Then it was already evening and I watched a movie. 

On Sunday I still felt exhausted and tired, but at least gathered my energy and answered comments.

Fortunately, Myriam came in the afternoon to measure our balcony because I would like to put a fake grass carpet on it. I think this  will look very nice. Now I have to find the grass carpet !

We scolded again about the new Corona rules which are not logical at all and I think more and more that we are treated like little school children. The kids who have not been tested last year because they were not dangerous will suddenly be tested this year because they could be dangerous !Probably to keep the statistics high. Something is wrong with the whole corona story. 

I called Mr. G in the hospital again, he is feeling good, he had to walk a bit, tomorrow on Monday all tests will start. It will probably last the whole week. I don't know yet. 

Don't worry ... be happy 






My GBGV Life said...

Mom talked to some friends in Germany yesterday, they are hopping mad about the way their government is handling things too. We are thankful we are in the USA and things seem to be getting better. Hugs to you. Take care of yourself and have a good week.

Sandee said...

Isis is a most beautiful lady. Very social too.

I love shots shoes. I want them.

I hope your hubby is feeling better.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

Timmy Tomcat said...

We are glad Mr G is settles and think, hopefully, the stupid rules will get easier soon. This whole thing seems like a big card trick but with peoples lives

Catscue said...

This pandemic is making everyone crazy, I can't wait until we're all vaccinated!

Kathe W. said...

Hopefully things are going well for Mr G! Love those shoes!

DUTA said...

Children were considered asymptomatic spreaders of the virus, and therefore dangerous last year. Now they are going to get vaccinated when there will be a proper vaccine for them. Anyway, things about children are hold under the radar so to not make parents panicky.

William Kendall said...

Isis is a darling.

Wendy said...

Playing catch up on posts here so only just seen that Ricardo is in hospital. I hope they can establish exactly what is wrong and sort treatment out. It must be very worrying. Good that you have friends nearby to provide company etc. And of course the cats! :)