16 Nov 2020









Saturday when Mr. G. wanted to go shopping, he rang at the door to tell me that the lift still didn't work !  I was surprised because when I came home on Friday at 6 pm, I was lucky because it took my to our 3rd floor. 

As I am better in negotiations and reclamations then he thinks he is, of course he handed me the phone and asked me to solve the problem ! 

First I called the company, it was "only" the 3rd time, and of course I had to go through the new telephone robots, instead as in the past a friendly telephonist who answered you "Johnson & Jackson" good morning, may I help you ? You get now an answering machine which tells you which button to press to get the service you want. And that takes time !! In my case I should choose the language first, Flemish, French or English. Then came number 1 with 3 suggestions, number 2 with 4 suggestions, etc. Fortunately I was not stuck in the elevator with a broken floor, hanging half in the air with the 3 floors under me. Again they promised me that a technician would come right away. 

I spent the whole morning on the phone to find the responsible of the building and first the one for the services. The result was we have to wait until Monday, because it is the weekend, and they need a spare part ! Now we have free gymnastic included in the rent. 

The rest of the day I spent on our balcony in the sunshine it was really very warm for November 20° ! I also took some sky pictures as it was so beautiful and changed all the time.

On Sunday Mr G. went to a friend and as I needed the car, I drove him there. It was quite warm but very windy. 

As soon as I had climbed up all the stairs to our apartment it started to rain or rather to pour, buckets of water fell from heaven, against the freshly cleaned windows 

 Rain, rain, rain

I watched the sky and the dark clouds. Besides typing this post and watching a bit TV I haven't done anything! A real lazy Sunday. Mr. G. was glued to the television looking at Formular 1 with his friend !


Mara said...

Oh yes, the morning was beautiful and then the rain came. And came. And came some more!

DUTA said...

I must admit I dislike elevators. I had them at work only. If I was to move to another place, it wouldn't have an elevator either.
Lovely drops of rain!

Wendy said...

Yes phoning to get anything sorted out these days can be a real trial, especially if you press the wrong button and end up going rounds in circles!

William Kendall said...

Cute critters.