21 Nov 2020


The last thing I wanted to put in my fridge and fortunately didn't because I realized that it was a plate with apple peels ! which certainly didn't belong in the refrigerator but I had it in my hands when I went to the kitchen to throw the peels in the bin ! 

No wonder I have to think of so much that I am so distracted. It's not the first time I've put something in the fridge, even my slippers once ! We searched the whole apartment for my slippers and Mr. G finally found them in the fridge when he opened it. At that time I didn't have any excuse I was just 29.

I am getting fed up with the Lockdown rules ! When you go shopping which I avoid as much as I can, you have to think not to forget your mask, line up in front of the entrance door, get a disinfected caddie, then you disinfect your hands and you have 30 min to do your shopping ! And you have to be alone !

If ever you have the good idea to go through a carwash, you can't, it's closed ! The Coronavirus sits in the brushes and soap and water, while you are alone in your car with contact to nobody.  But you can take a bus or the train where everybody is squeezed together but should have a mask on his nose AND mouth otherwise you get a fine of 250 € ! Isn't this absurd ?  I never would go out without mask, that's in my own interest, but why should I wear a mask when I am alone in a wood ??

This is our second lockdown and it's worse then the first one. There is also the curfew from 10 pm on til 5 or 6. No way to celebrate Christmas or New Year or you have to put up spare beds, which is not allowed as per houshold you can invite one person ! The other one has to stay on the street if it's a couple and only until ten!

Finally the only thing to do not to loose your mind is to make the best out of the situation, think what is the best for you and the less dangerous. 

Therefore I will continue to put things in the fridge which really don't need to be there at least it makes us laugh !

You have got the Covid 19                                                      Phew  ! I thought I've got the Coronavirus

I had bought this mask long time ago for Halloween ! I never thought that I would need it now when I go out !!


linking to SOCS Linda G. Hill


Fun60 said...

If you wore that mask, you can be sure people will keep their distance.

John Holton said...

The people who like writing 250-Euro tickets are in no hurry for this to be over, I'm afraid...

J-Dub said...

Cool mask :)

Tamago said...

Haha slipper in the fridge! Love your Halloween mask :-)

peppylady (Dora) said...

People in my area grumble about the rules of covid. Most places are a lot harsher. There four simple rules where I live...mask up, six feet apart(2 meters) wash your hands frequently, and stay home as much as possible. And people just grumble
Stay Safe and Coffee is on

mamasmercantile said...

Love your mask and the funny memes Some of the restrictions don't make any sense at all. Hopefully we will get the vaccine soon and it will all be over.

Andrew said...

Mr G must have understood he had married a crazy wife at her age of 29 if not earlier.
Car wash places here were closed too. A strange thing. All that COVID on brushes that slap the outside of your car.

diane b said...

Oh it is so sad for you. I hope it lowers the numbers and you can get back to Covid normal soon. Hang in there and put what you like in the fridge.


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