17 Nov 2020


Very close to Bruxelles are a lot of castles, some of them still occupied by the owners. To one belonged also a mill with the strange name "Banal" which means "Common" !

Why a Commonplace? Today there is a rather remarkable museum of milling installed in the mill whose paddle wheel is put in function in good weather! You can discover the mechanics of the mill as well as the equipment and tools used by the millers. The presence of an ordinary mill in Braine-le-Château is attested as early as 1226. Under the Ancien Régime, the peasants of Braine-le-Château and Haut-Ittre came here to grind their grain and paid a "banality" of 1 bag on 22 to the lord of the place. The site was classified in 1954 and the exceptional building built of arkose stone (local bricks) or granite in 1970.

The mill

The wheel was not turning this day

Just besides is the castle of the Earles of Hornes.

This fortress erected at the beginning of the 13th century by the lords of Trazegnies was transformed into a pleasure castle in the Renaissance and welcomed prestigious families. The castle cannot be visited as the actual owner is still living in it,  but the park and everything else can be visited on appointment.

200 m from the castle, do not miss the pillory dating from 1521!

The park is huge and very beautiful

The castle from outside


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PS. I call my posts Corona Armchair Travels, because I have no new travels to report due to the lockdown. I have to dig in my memories sitting in my armchair !


Andrew said...

What an interesting place. It's a pity the water wheel wasn't working.

Penelope Notes said...

Fascinating history … brick ages so beautifully. How amazing it must be to live in a real castle but I imagine the heating bill must be sky high. :)

William Kendall said...

The castle is a beauty.

Trekking with Becky said...

Thanks for showing a part of Belgium that I haven't seen. :D Don't worry about having to dig into memories - mine mostly are not only because of Covid, but because most of my travels were when I lived abroad and I only started blogging in the last quarter or so of it. :D

Fun60 said...

It looks the perfect place for wandering around.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

All those castles! so amazing to me ... , This one is beautiful , nice that (in normal times) people can use the grounds as a place to walk and visit. ....Travel memories are important right now ...I’m glad we have some and hope, as you do, that we live to get some new travel adventures when this is finally over.