21 Mar 2017


Theoretically in my part of the world spring should start today. But it doesn't look like at all.

That's what you see when you have to go shopping. I reduce my shopping time to a minimum. Because of this grey and humid weather people are depressed and in bad moods. We all have a lack of energy and even the best housewives postpone their spring cleaning from one day to the other.

Sometimes it clears up and the sun comes out but never longer than 4 days and mostly during the week. I don't mind because I don't work anymore but the others ? They have two days off and sit in the rain, while the sun is shining during working hours.

Little flowers try to get out when it's a bit warmer and sunny

at least it starts to get a bit green

And yesterday I saw this apple tree in full bloom.

It seems to me that winter this year will never end and we didn't even have a real winter, it's just a continuation of bad weather.

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Mara said...

We have more of the same here as well. Rain rain and more rain. Oh, and some extra rain for good measure.

Lady Fi said...

What a lovely tree in blossom. We've had two days of snow!

Lea said...

Rain is depressing for us humans, but it is vital to grass, flowers, and trees. All that green, they are loving it!
But I do hope it stops soon so you can get outside again.

Loree said...

If it's any consolation, it rained here too today.

Andrew said...

Spring showers. If it is any consolation, we have grey clouds and high humidity and some rain, although it is not cold.

Andrea said...

While you are patiently waiting for spring, we are patiently waiting for our long hot dry season to finish, but it actually just started this month. Oh what a relief if it is already May when we expect the first rains. Hopefully climate change is not that very cruel for us here!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am postponing my Spring cleaning and I have no excuse at all .. LOL. In Oregon in the Winter it always rained on weekends, especially long weekends when you took your kids camping to the coast. (Or so it seems like when I remember back to those days.)