13 Oct 2013


When I got up this morning and looked at the temperature outside, I couldn't believe it ! From one day to the other we had moved into winter temperatures ! It was only 3° (37 F). I looked at the clothes I had worn yesterday and started freezing, and even more when I opened my blog and saw my profile picture !

Apparently summer is really gone although the trees around our garden are still green and show now sign of autumn. Strange.

So I started to dress up warm at least in my profile picture and then I will dig out my winter clothes ! 

Now starts the time I really hate and it makes me angry when everybody says that the leaves on the trees are looking so color and beautiful ! I am blind, I don't see this beauty, I just want to spring right into spring, but my legs are not long enough.

Fortunately I return into warmth of late summer days next Sunday. I am invited by my friend Claudie to spent some holidays at the French Rivera ! Which certainly will give me some energy to go through the short, dark winter days.

I think that is the best solution after my holidays !


Mara said...

Should I say then that autumn is my favourite season? Better not...

Fun60 said...

I think we experience very similar weather. How lovely to be off to enjoy some warmth in the sunshine. Had a very, very senior moment yesterday. I drove through the dark and rain and roadworks on the motorway to collect my son and his girlfriend from the airport as a nice gesture. When they didn't arrive and there was no answer on his phone I got into a panic. He is a considerate person and would always let me know if he had missed the plane. After 3 hours at the airport with security trying to help- realisation struck I had got the wrong day! I left the airport at 4am. My son was fast asleep in Crete with his phone switched off unaware of the drama I had created. The bad news is I have to do the same journey again tonight when he actually is flying home!!!

Friko said...

It’s getting cold and very damp here but, unfortunately, I have to stay here and cannot go for a quick trip into the sunshine.

Have a happy holiday.

Linens and Royals said...

It was 37deg here last week too. That is 37c not 37f so very hot and bushfire warnings are already out.
Another holiday? have you told the cats? and what is their opinion of so many holidays?

peppylady (Dora) said...

For Fall weather it pretty nice here in North Idaho. The trees are sure putting out color display.

Coffee is on

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am SO glad to hear from somebody else besides myself who isn't too crazy about the cold dark gray days.

Have fun on the Riveria.