11 Oct 2013


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1. I absolutely wanted to wear a special pullover as it gets cooler now, and of course couldn't find it. The result was that I emptied my closet and found long forgotten pullovers, old once I don't want to wear anymore so I used the opportunity to sort out what is still wearable and what is to be given away. The pullover I was looking for remained disappeared. I found it later in the dryer with other washed laundry which I had forgotten ! I hope my brain doesn't become like a "Gruyère" the cheese with the holes in it.


In the beginning of the week we still had wonderful sunny summer days. After having bought some colors for my paintings, I stopped at Nicole's and sitting on her balcony we enjoyed the view over the gardens while Charlie took probably one of his last sunbaths.

3. Mr. G's 10 year old car had to be replaced as it got more and more expensive diseases. So when I came back from the Lake of Geneva, we decided to buy a Hybrid car. I had driven my friend's car who has the same half of the way to Thonon and back to Waterloo and loved it. Especially that it doesn't consume a lot of petrol only 60 % as a normal car, and drives on electricity when you drive under +- 60 km/h (37miles) which costs nothing. Ideal for the city ! As I drive more then him I got the new one and he inherited my only 4 year old Opel Corsa.

I picked it up on Wednesday and here I am the proud owner of a new Toyota Yaris, with the approval of cat Arthur who likes the fact that his fur is assorted to the color !

4. Amongst 6000 couples our age, we had been chosen by the Ministry of Health for a statistic ! An elderly man visited us, armed with his computer and first interviewed Mr. G. and then me. Mr. G's interview took quiet a long time, because to the question "when did you have your last visit to a specialist  in the last 6 months ?" He started from birth til today (nearly) and the poor man got quiet confused. He had to answer if he suffers cholesterol, heart problems, hearing problems, arthritis, if he had broken his hips, if he walks at least 500 m per day (which made me laugh, as he walks daily from the sofa to his office) etc. After nearly one hour the poor man had finished with Mr. G. and his detailed health problems. With me it was done in half an hour as I only answered yes or no and didn't make whole tales. Then he left us with a 6 page questionary to be filled in in one month time. So far I haven't had a look on it. I wonder what will come out of the statistics ? Do they cut or increase the health care budget ?

5. In my painting class everybody was working "hard" to finish the last of their paintings for the exhibition next weekend.

I also finished mine, which is quiet big, because I didn't have smaller canvas anymore.

I did my weekly shopping and made a lot of detours just to try out the new car. And as the city center was completely congested I drove with electricity only and didn't use any petrol ! What a pleasure for the wallet !


A Lady's Life said...

you know if you lay it sideways, you can see a brown cat.
The car sounds like a good deal.How long do the batteries last?

Fun60 said...

Another busy week for you. The older I get the faster the weeks seem to pass.

Fun60 said...

Another busy week for you. The older I get the faster the weeks seem to pass.

Fun60 said...

Another busy week for you. The older I get the faster the weeks seem to pass.

Fun60 said...

Another busy week for you. The older I get the faster the weeks seem to pass.

Andrew said...

I was just listening today in a podcast about your new car. It is good in cities, but quite inappropriate if your drive a lot on highways for long distances.

It is not my business, but it seems strange that you need two cars.

Susanne said...

Your new car sounds like fun. My hubby would love, love, love the color. He loves white vehicles.

I never thought of it that way buy somedays my brain feels like that cheese. Glad you found your sweater and at least your closet got cleaned out.

Anonymous said...

Love that balcony view in the top photo.

Congratulations on the new car! Sounds like a lot of fun and economical, too.

It's fun sometimes to go through old clothes and rediscover some good things to wear and then be able to clear some out. Glad you found the sweater you were looking for!

Linens and Royals said...

I saw large power points in London to plug cars in and restart them. So do you have to plug your car in overnight?Very kind of you to choose a colour to match Arthur.
Now I have reached "A Certain Age" my Dr. wants to send someone to asses my house for safety. When "the someone" comes and sees my cluttered with collections house I might be certified as 'Mad Bad and Dangerous to know".

Unknown said...

Lovely fotos
Have a nice day Greeting from Belgium Thanks for hosting!
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Maribeth said...

I love your new car! Beautiful!

Leovi said...

Exquisite photos! Really nice abstract box!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So glad you finally got your new car. Survey story is very funny....