7 Oct 2013


We had a grandparents weekend ! Little Toby arrived for a visit together with his parents on Saturday.

After lunch, first thing they did, our son cut part of the hedge and mum and Toby helped to collect the branches and put them in the garbage bag. The help didn't last long, he preferred his wooden bicycle and biked around the terrace.

Nonno, who is probably the only Italian man in the world with no musical sense tried to play on the little piano. Toby was not very impressed, my ears yes.

While the parents went shopping Toby heard the neighbor's lawn mower which made a lot of noise. So through the hedge I showed him what it was and then got out our robot and switched it on. Toby was very impressed, so impressed that I took two seats and we sat there like in a home cinema ! And when Oscar (the robot) approached we lifted our legs ! We had a lot of fun ! Then he played with his cars.

Later in the afternoon he tried the piano, Nonno had given him his Ferrari cap, and for a while he didn't want to take it off.

A little walk with his bike in our street,

then a game on Nonna's Kindle,

and one on mum's smart phone, which he both handled like an old professional,

Toby wore Mr. G's cap which he had gotten when he was called up for military service in Italy.

After that busy day, Toby and the grandparents were tired and we three went to bed, while the young parents had a drink in a Pub in Waterloo.

At 8 am on Sunday morning, I found Nonno and Toby sitting in front of the TV watching the Formular 1, while Toby had his breakfast. As Mr. G. is a Ferrari fan, Toby joined in and each time he saw a red car he screamed "Ferrari" !

Of course after that he had to try out Nonno's Ferrari helmet. But it was a little difficult to eat lunch with that thing on the head.

The weather was still kind with us so Toby could play and run in the garden, before they returned home.
He promised us to come back but now he had to go back to Amsterdam. He will be 3 in November and speaks like a waterfall in Dutch and French.

Although it had been such a nice visit and rather short, after the last weeks of stress with Mr. G's surgery we were quiet tired. I watched a little TV and fell asleep !

I pulled out some weeds and went to bed very early !


Andrew said...

I like the photo of Toby with his head on an angle while looking at Oscar.

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful, Gattina. Toby seems to be growing up so fast, but they all do that. He and his Nonno seem to be a team. That's wonderful. It will keep Ricardo young, and give Toby a strong man to look up to.
Luv, K

Cezar and Léia said...

This is for me the perfect weekend in family, delicious weekend! :) I miss so much this time with my family in Brazil.Les enfants grandissent si vite!Toby is adorable and very smart!Love all pictures!

Linens and Royals said...

What! no Arthur, where was he? Toby looks like he is in the bag with the branches. I think you had a very enjoyable and happy weekend. Toby is the perfect age to play with. Does Mr G have a Ferrari somewhere or only the helmet and cap?
I don't need to borrow your robot now, I have a new lawn mowing man starting tomorrow.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. love the photos and story line - Toby has an enquiring mind .. and it's great to see you all together .. I can imagine your robot lawn mower would amuse Toby ..

Cheers to you - good to see Mr G up and about ... and obviously improving .. Hilary

Anonymous said...

There's nothing more tiring than a little kid, right?

Betty Manousos said...

hi gattina,

what a cutie pie!! loved seeing your adorable photos of toby.

have a great week ahead~

Loree said...

What a lovely weekend you all must have had. Toby keeps getting cuter.

A Lady's Life said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Can you imagine how time flies??

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun weekend. It looks like Toby was "good medicine" for his Nonno. And you enjoyed it too, and I bet you both slept really really well at night!

MaR said...

What a fun visit!! Toby is such a cute boy.

diane b said...

It looks like it was a happy and successful weekend. He is a good looking boy and very smart too. He does very much the same things as Fox. He speaks only English but with two accents, Australian and American.

Reader Wil said...

What a lovely weekend you all had! Your grandson is such a lovely child! I can understand that you enjoyed his company immensely.