4 Oct 2013


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1. After a relaxing weekend life got back to normal although Mr. G. is still very tired, apparently it takes at least a month to get rid of the effects of the anesthesia. I learned how to change the plaster on his 3 scars. It would be easy, but it's a special one which sticks everywhere as soon as you take off the protection so it's quiet an unnerving operation until that thing sticks on the right places. I am pleased to see that the scars are healing very well.

2. Aqua Gym had started again and the swimming pool was quiet crowded, as always in the beginning. We were 12 instead of usually 8. After our gymnastic we had our usual tea time chat about husbands, grandchildren, travels etc. I felt real good when I got home, but after my lunch I missed my crime story because I fell asleep ! When I woke up, the murder had been solved and I pushed the rewind button to see what had happened.

3. As the weather was so nice and sunny, I went to Ilona's and we could sit in the sunshine. We had a lot to talk about, because she had been on holidays in Spain and I got rid of my worries. Unfortunately her holidays had been awful, she had followed the invitation of a friend she knows since 30 years, but who had become a fanatic sort of Guru of a group and instead of enjoying the sunshine on the beach, she had fights because she didn't want to meditate and follow the crazy ideas of this woman. Instead of a relaxed Ilona I found a rather furious and very disappointed one. Sometimes it is really crazy when you know somebody for such a long time and then she had become another person.

4. On my way back I got stuck on the completely congested highway, there had been an accident. I regretted that I didn't have my new hybrid car yet, because I wouldn't have used any petrol, driving so slowly but only electricity which doesn't cost anything. But I got some very good news, my car is ready standing in the Toyota garage, all it needs now is a license plate and an insurance contract. So only some administrative work, which hopefully doesn't take too long.

5. Our painting class has started again and we have a new teacher. She is very nice and very funny too !

Last week a photographer from the Waterloo city came taking pictures of us in full work, because we have our yearly exhibition on October 19. So we are all working hard on our last paintings.

I have painted only 4 this year, I just had a black out in creativity. But since I dropped painting cats, suddenly I am as busy as a bee, to get the last one ready for the exhibition.

This one I finished today.


diane b said...

I love reading your Fave Five.There is always something interesting happening n your life.

Cezar and Léia said...

Glad that everything is fine and Mr G is feeling well.
I'm impressed with your painting, it's wonderful!You are a talented artist, congratulations!

diane b said...

BTW I have tagged you on my blog to join in Capture the Colour.

Andrew said...

Does your painting have a name? I quite like it.

Fun60 said...

That painting captures the colours! Despite the difficulties involved when looking after a patient I am pleased to see it hasn't kept you housebound.

Anonymous said...

The classes sound fun!

Wow, I feel bad for your friend's vacation. I'm sure she feels a little cheated and not very rested.

I'm glad Mr. G is doing better.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You do have fun! Very glad things are going better withMr G

Jesh St Germain said...

It looks like you changed to abstract ... or is this a background? As long as it's fun, eh?

retriever said...

Nice classroom painting,best regard from Belgium
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