18 Oct 2013


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1. As usual the week started with aqua gym in the morning. Afternoon I went to visit Ilona's mother as she was there too. When I came back it poured that much that when I opened the garage door I saw that the garage was flooded. I called Mr. G to clean the drain filled with rotten leaves so that the water couldn't run through and had arrived in our garage. Grumbling he knelt and took out a packet of leaves and then we both pushed quiet an amount of water outside. Next time hopefully he checks the drain regularly as he does usually but now in vintage age he had forgotten.

2. As I am taking Ryan Air to fly to Marseille on Sunday and the luggage is very limited, I thought I sent a gift which was rather heavy by post. What a good idea ! First I had to choose amongst various models the right box which was flat and unfolded. Then I had a battle with the box to get it together, finally I gave up and went to the responsible employee and asked him to make a box out of this flat carton. I must have looked so innocent and stupid that he did it. I only had to write the address and pay. But when he announced me the amount I was flabbergasted it was exactly the amount I had to pay for more luggage on the plane ! 15 € (20 $) !! I could have taken more with me in my luggage ! I was really angry and it told me a lesson, never send something by post again next time I pay for more luggage !

3. I started to prepare my paintings for our yearly exhibition that meant that I had to nail a string to hang them up. It went quiet well and my fingers survived the hammer. As I am in charge of the decoration too, I looked through what I had from last year and also bought some new items, like a little buddha , birds, shells and stones.

4. The weather was awful and I avoided to go out, although I like to drive around with my new car. But I didn't want to catch a cold just before my trip to France. I prepared some scheduled posts. In the afternoon I had a battle with the car insurance there was something wrong. It takes hours on the phone to get the right person. It starts with : for Flemish dial 1 for French dial 2 for German dial 3, for English dial 4 then after pushing on button 2 I heard if it concerns ....push 1 if it concerns .... push 2 etc. finally I got the message that all lines are busy and had to listen to an awful music until finally I got somebody who felt concerned. It was exhausting !


I spent the whole morning sorting out pictures and put them together on the billboards and checked that they had the right distance and were not hanging crooked. It was quiet hard work because we have less and less men who are still able to carry heavy things. Or they passed away or they have backaches.  Fortunately one husband was very efficient and finally it was all done. This year I have only one painting with a cat, the others are my trials with modern art ! At noon we finally had finished, tomorrow we will do the decoration and on Saturday the Exhibition starts with a vernissage at 11 am.


Linens and Royals said...

You press a number to choose a language? I always get someone in India who thinks they speak English but are too hard to understand. Is Ryan Air the airline that charges extra to use the bathroom?
Wish it would rain here.

Fun60 said...

I love your Friday post. It makes me feel as though I live next door to you and I know everything you do. Your paintings look quite different to the ones you exhibited last year. Can't believe that's a year ago. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the sunshine.

Andrew said...

Interesting that you chose button 2, French. Have you lost your German talking skills? French is the language you feel most comfortable with?

Faith said...

Well at least you had choices of languages!!! Haha...I always end up getting an Indian who thinks they know it all and their English is substandard to say the least!! Ugh...hate waiting on the phone..is as bad as a doctors office!! Hopefully you will have some nice sunshine now!!

diane b said...

You have done a good job with the exhibition. well done for trying something new with your painting. Enjoy your trip to France.

Kathie said...

I always chuckle when I read your weekly adventures Gattina! Although I'm sorry to hear your garage flooded. :(

Looks like a lovely exhibition - hope it goes well.

And have a fabulous trip to France with lots of sunshine. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

LindyLouMac said...

Call centre calls are so frustrating! It was lovely to hear from you recently. I will be in touch, enjoy your trip to France.

Loree said...

Good luck with your exhibition and enjoy Marseille. Please send us some rain from Belgium.

Terra said...

Have fun in France, and best wishes for your art exhibition.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. Ryan Air and luggage is a pain - I don't use it that often.

Good luck with the Art Exhibition - well done you for doing much of the work .. and then exhibiting your paintings ..

Have fun - Hilary

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the garage flooding. I hope nothing was damaged.

I hate those automated phone systems. We just have two languages to choose from, usually (English and Spanish), but it's all the other sitting and waiting for choices and pushing buttons. It would be so much faster to talk to a person and tell them what you want.

It's really expensive to mail anything these days. But it's getting expensive to take luggage, too -- I guess they are going to get us one way or the other.

Hope the exhibition and your trip go well!