20 Oct 2013


A quiet busy weekend ! The day before our yearly painting exhibition, Annie a classmate and I prepared the tables with flower baskets and arrangements. I had bought little figurines which would match the paintings and make the tables more cheerful.

Ready to be put on the tables, we posed with our decoration stuff.

We were quiet satisfied with the result. This took us the whole afternoon.

The next day we had our vernissage.

When you entered the room, this was the view.

People started to arrive. Mr. G. had a drink, Ilona showed her mother some paintings. We sat all together to chat until somebody asked one of us for explanations.

I took pictures of the artist with their paintings. Here is the vintage group aged from 70 to 79 nearly 80.

I didn't stay until the end, I left at 3 pm, because I had to prepare my suitcase for my trip to France. I also was quiet tired from all the explanations I had given and watching over the crowd walking around, that nobody touched the paintings or ran the easels over.

Finally my suitcase was ready and had the right weight, it's funny for me to pack summer clothes while here we have the heating on.

On Sunday morning at 6.30 am Mr. G drove me to the airport and I left a rainy Waterloo to arrive 1 1/2 h later in Marseille where Claudie and her husband picked me up.

After lunch we went to the seafront and now I am sitting under Palm trees. What a change ! It was a little windy but  nice walk along the sea and have a beer in a cafĂ© at the beach.


diane b said...

The art show looked great. Have fun at Caudia's

Andrew said...

Enjoy your time away. I had to look up 'vernissage'. I should have known what it meant.

Linens and Royals said...

Great exhibition and now I have a new word 'vernissage' in my vocabulary.
Enjoy your time with Claudie.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I enjoy doing crafts and looking at them.

Coffee is on

Maribeth said...

The Art Show looks so wonderful! I'm glad you are enjoying the sun in France. We are having a lot of sunshine but only 4 degrees! Brrr!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

HAVE fun! (As if there's any doubt you would!). The art show looked good, you did a great job setting it up. But how wonderful to be away and into the good weather. We are driving toward it ... a bit slower process, but still I am having trouble with what to wear already it is warmer than when we left...

A Lady's Life said...

you still needed a jacket though it seems

Gattina said...

@ Lady's Life

It was very windy that day and in the shade it felt cool. Temperatures around 22°C in the shade.