25 Oct 2013


I woke up at 8 looked outside and couldn't see the other end of the property ! There was a thick mist everywhere. I returned to bed and under cover.

Half an hour later I opened one eye and to my big surprise saw a piece of blue sky and at nine, the sun came out ! How nice.

I had sent a parcel by mail because of the weight limit on the plane and now 10 days later it finally arrived !

Claudie opened the parcel and liked it's content ! She loves Kaftans too. Ticoune the cat wasn't so convinced.

After lunch we went to Seyne sur Mer

a charming old little town, which reminded me little towns in Italy

We arrived at "Les Sablettes" and walked through the very beautiful park, along the sea.

We stopped in a restaurant and sat at the beach for a while in the warm sunshine and watched people arriving settling down on the beach, kids building sand castles and some peoples were even swimming.

The young couple came again to say hello and stayed for supper. We had a delicious fish in a capers sauce with rice. 

While Claudie did exercises on the piano and I tried not to listen as it wasn't exactly Elton John's way of playing, Pierre our personal cook prepared the supper.

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Linens and Royals said...

For a minute there I thought Pookie had arrived in the parcel.
I am amazed that France, with such a large population has such beautiful little villages.