22 Oct 2013


I am in Ollioules in the South of France for a ten day holiday with my friend Claudie and her family.

It's quiet unusual even for the South of France that the temperatures are still so high so that I could drink my coffee outside on the terrace.

In the afternoon we went to Six Fours a little town along the sea. There is a very beautiful park with lots of exotic plants and flowers. The park is a like a beautiful wildness. On the top is a fortress  "Cape Negre", a military structure reorganized under Louis Philippe in 1846 and is now converted into a museum and exhibition on maritime history and marine animals. From this small fort there is a panoramic view of the bay of Sanary and Embiez.

Palm trees and cactus

One was used for love messages

The landscape is quiet wild and the picture on right on the top was taken from the edge of a rock, far down to the sea. One step further and I would have fallen down.

The old fortress

with me in front

After our walk we stopped at the beach and had a coffee, while watching people laying on the beach or even swimming in the water ! Amazing for nearly end October.

It had been a wonderful day.


Linens and Royals said...

Amazing scenery but love notes on a cactus!! I am going to try that on my cactus, I will write 'I love Charlotte'

Marcy said...

Lovely. Your post brings back memories from a past summer vacation! It is unusually warm here too, we sat out in the terrace until 11pm with a light sweater on. I don't mind this kind of weather! enjoy your holida ;)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous house! Looks as if you're having a wonderful time.

Arija said...

A lovely place to have a holiday Gattina with so much to see and do and absolutely lovely views.
The see takes a long time to cool so it is probably warmer in the water than in the air.
i hope you enjoy your painting and writing there.

Jo said...

Your post is so interesting. I'm glad you're having good weather. Enjoy every minute.

Fun60 said...

Quite a different garden from the ones I usually visit. You seem to be enjoying the warmth. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. I see you didn't venture into the sea!

Mara said...

Don't go you taking further steps! The photos are fine as they are, so no need to be plunging to your death in taking the best one of all.

Enjoy your stay in the South of France.

diane b said...

That is great that the weather is so warm for your holiday, which looks like it has kicked off to a wonderful time. QUITE lovely gardens and coastal scenery.

A Lady's Life said...

That is an interesting place and dangerous looks like.

Loree said...

At least we're not the only ones dealing with unseasonably high temperatures. Pfft i hope they go away soon. How strange to use a cactus for love notes.

Terra said...

I enjoyed seeing this little journey, the gorgeous trees and plants and the old fort which resonates with so much history. Especially for me as I read the Patrick O'Brian books about the naval officer.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Gattina,
Glad that you are enjoying these delicious days with your friend in France!Love your pictures.You are gorgeous wearing blue color! :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Loving catching up with your trip! You have such great friends who live in such beautiful places.