14 Oct 2013


We have celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary, with a nice plate of Sushis as supper and a fruit cake as dessert. Nothing special, as we both considered that a new car was enough for an anniversary gift. We condoled each other to have "suffered" together for so many years.

as you can see.

The theatre season has started and we had our first play. We are four to have taken a season ticket. My friends Nicole, Dominique and my other neighbor Vivienne. As I am blind like a mole when I have to drive in the dark, I suggested to take my car and with the help of Madame GPS I hoped to find the way back when it was dark. I just wanted to get used to drive in the dark as the dayslight becomes shorter and shorter. As Dominique has the same car, she could always replace me on the way back.

We first went to the restaurant which is part of the old farm which had been transformed into a theatre, and also has a reception room for weddings and other celebrations. After a nice meal we watched the play and it was so funny ! There were only two actors, but they did a great job. The theatre was full, they even had to add some chairs. Still laughing we returned to my car and I managed to drive home without any problem. I just followed the little car on the streets shown on the GPS screen. So even when I didn't see the road, I knew when I had to turn. I was very proud of myself.

Unfortunately like so often the weekends are rainy but I had to go to the Brussels' midi market to buy a few gifts and also of course meet my cigarette supplier.I quickly bought what I had to buy, it rained and the wind was so strong that stand owners started to dismantle their stands because everything blew away.

At the bus stop I met a quiet posh looking lady in late vintage age (old and elderly doesn't sound so good)
In no time I knew her whole life. I must have a face like a confessor. Divorced, 3 children, 1 grandchild and nobody visits her. She is in love with a married man, which I found quiet exceptional as married men usually are not looking for vintage women, but rather young flesh, as they have already a vintage at home. Poor lady waited for nothing because he didn't show up what he was supposed to do. I gave her an advice to rather go out with girlfriends and not bother with men anymore at our age (I pointed out our). But she told me that she would wait for the next bus which was in two hours, to see if he would come. I climbed in the bus and thought that age doesn't protect you from stupidity.

The rest of the day we spent at home with the heating on while it stormed outside. That's a view out of my window. Arthur doesn't bother, he sleeps close to the radiator.

My friend Anne from the UK skyped me apparently they have the same kind of weather and she showed me her new cat. After the last 3 of her 6 cats had died in a short distance, they both swore that they would never take another cat. But one showed up, squatted the garden and then moved in and is now the king of the house. Typical cat ! 


Linens and Royals said...

Happy Anniversary. A good looking couple in 1969 and now. Do you still have your wedding dress?
Poor vintage woman. Much more fun to go out with female friends. I went to my local amateur theatre on Saturday. It was a French Farce called Don't Dress for Dinner, very funny. The play has been on for years in London and Paris and now at my tiny local theatre.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - congratulations on 44 years .. so pleased to see the photos - the weather is not so brilliant is it!

Glad you enjoyed the play and your evening out ... have a good week with your new car!! Cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Congratulations on your 44 years together. It is good to see that many modern relationships are very varied and there aren't rules. I think you may have started the trend. As usual, you made me laugh and what delightful photos from now and 44 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Many happy years to come!! Happy anniversary!

Loree said...

Happy anniversary. I love how you describe late vintage age. LOL it made me laugh out loud. So of course, my son got curious. Boys!:)

jennyfreckles said...

Happy Anniversary. You both look good from those 44 years together. It's great if you have a good marriage but I am always sad when I hear of older women still desperate for a relationship. The way I see it, most of us end up 'single ' again in later life. Having been on my own the last 17 years, I feel I have a head start is knowing how to be happy on my own.

Marcy said...

Happy 44th anniversary!! that's hard work, every day :)

A Lady's Life said...

You look like a lovely couple.
Happy anniversary to you both!!

Sandra Carlier said...

Already wednesday! In a few day you are here at la Côte d'Azur! I hope the sunny weather will continue! I would want to be with you all at the nice theater place! Félicitation pour votre anniversaire de mariage! Vous êtes magnifiques tous les deux sur la photo!

Pearl said...

a big anniversary is a good thing when the people enjoy each other.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy b-lated Anniversary (I take a week off from blogging and miss all kinds of good stuff, sorry).....we have been "condoling" each other for 56 years! Your nite out with the girls sounds great too...I love funny plays and congrats on driving your new car in the dark!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh yes and I agree that woman you met is absolutely bonkers (completely crazy/