19 Nov 2007



There are not a lot of stories to knit around a word like "relish" except if you want to stay in the kitchen and praise your recepes. I think I have never eaten it in my life not even during my stays in the US with my aunt or during our trips through the country.

Even my dictionary doesn't give me inspirations, there is not a lot to translate about relish Relish, besides "a sort of spice", "a sauce", "to relish something", "a (single and double) relish", and "a gentleman's relish". I also could do something with great relish, but what, besides tasting relish ?

As lately the given words seem more and more difficult to me and only related to Americans (like last week's "gravy"), I will only participate to Manic Monday when the word has a sense for everybody in the world.


Linda said...

Sometimes words just don't seem to translate well into other languages and that's easy for us to forget. Thanksgiving is strictly an American thing, too, which is what the word is related to. Certainly 'gravy' is known the world over, though, is it not?? I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't be.

Have a good Monday despite the language differences!

Stine said...

It was a tough one, I agree, but you've not done too badly!

Ian said...

Good smackdown, though. Put Mo in his place! I've not been real thrilled with his word set either recently.


Anonymous said...

Happy Monday! I just posted Manic Monday - RELISH Meme!

Come stop by my blog!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Durward Discussion said...

We love it when you write about the differences in our cultures. It was a interesting post just reading about the problems you had with "relish", so don't worry about the words you don't understand.

Travis Cody said...

Happy MM!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Monday, Gattina!

Sandee said...

I thought you would use this word to talk about how you relish traveling. I really did Gattina. Relish is a word that can be used all over the world. Just like gravy means sauce in other countries. Have a great MM. :)