4 Apr 2014


1. Four years ago, Dominique's mother (now 91) had offered a GPS to Dominique for her birthday. Looking for a conservatory which she wants to annex to her living room, she suddenly remembered that she had a GPS, which she had never used, because the stores were all over in little towns mostly in Industrial zones. Of course she didn't find a single address, the GPS refused all streets and towns she put in. Finally she had to follow a 65 year old guy who showed her the way with his bicycle ! This event decided her to ask me how this thing works as I have the same.

We sat in her garden and I showed her how to use the GPS. She was so surprised what possibilities were in there and how easy it was, (when you know) to follow the directions. Her mother has 2 computers, a laptop and one with a tower plus a tablet and despite her respectable age, she handles them like a professional ! Her daughter still hasn't got it ! Mr. G. is asked for help almost once a week.


Ilona and I went for a little shopping in Halle the little town where she lives. It's a cute old town in the Flemish part of Belgium and is quite famous because the church contains a Black Madonna, which attracts lots of tourists or pilgrims of course. After a nice ice cream we returned home and had a tea in her garden, taking a little sunbath.


Part of the Catholic University (UCL) is located in one  of Brussels municipalities. It's a huge complex with a very beautiful park around. I decided to visit the one with modern sculptures which are exposed there and walked through the park taking pictures and talking to some students.

4. Poor Brussels was again in a traffic mess, but not so much as with Obama ! This time it was the Chinese President Xi Jinping. He also came with a far smaller escort.

Our Queen Mathilde looked very elegant in her different outfits, and people (mostly the Chinese living in Belgium) could see their president. Obama had been hidden from people on the street. Although he made a sympathetic and modern impression, nobody forgot the non existing  human rights in China !

Manifestations can not be forbidden in a Democracy, and some Chinese showed their disagreement with the Chinese human rights politics, but in a rather peaceful way. There was no incident at all.


As it had rained so much during winter and temperatures were never really below 0°C the normally white tiles of our terrace was full of dark green spots, something like moss. So we cleaned together the terrace with the Karcher and now it looks white like snow again. We also washed the garden furniture and now we are ready to receive guests on our terrace. Probably it now will rain !

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Linens and Royals said...

Your Queen Mathilde is very elegant an does you proud. If she ever visits Australia I will wave and cheer.
I don't think President Obama will ever come here, too far and too much trouble. I love reading about China from the Emperors to the present day, A fascinating history.

MaR said...

Yes, your queen is very elegant and has a pretty smile.
Hope the nice weather stays so that you can enjoy your clean terrace. I will be gone for the weekend so no photohunt this time. Cheers!

Andrew said...

While I sure Chinese Premier Jinping would love to meet Obama, Cameron and Merkel, I think he knows he is doing very well meeting European royalty.

Belgium looks so green while Australia is very brown at this time of the year.

diane b said...

Wow a tech savvy 91 year old. She is a champion. Those high pressure hoses do a good job. My garden paths need doing, come on over.

LindyLouMac said...

Another busy and varied week for you and Belgium. :)

Mascha said...

Ja, ich glaube, es haben sich heute mehrere Blogger nicht von ihrer liebgewordenen Gewohnheit trennen können -
Brüssel ist eine schöne Stadt auf den Bildern.
Bei No.5 - ist das nun Arthur oder eine kleine Katzenplastik?
Schönes WE wünscht

Fun60 said...

You put me to shame with all your cleaning. My excuse this week was the sand and dust from the Sahara that flew over and settled everywhere creating a terrible mess. Pollution has been awful this week in London. I'm now waiting for the rain to clear the air and wash away the mess.

Anonymous said...

We need to clean our patio, too, now that the weather is nicer - it gets little moldy places in spots.

You have so many neat cultural places to visit there. Your queen looks lovely and elegant.

It takes me a while to get used to new technology, but I love it once I do. I don't know how I ever survived without a GPS - I love it.

Friko said...

You seem to have a good time most of the time. Lots of friends and lots of places to go to make such a difference.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your Random 5 thoughts and photos. I always enjoy seeing them. I hope you get only sunshine on your patio.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Busy and eventful week (as your weeks always seem to be) -- thanks for sharing.. I want to be like your friends mother (in a year or two ;>)

Susanne said...

Your sure have a lot of dignitaries visiting your country as of late. Nice that the weather is good enough that you can give your patio a good washing. Hopefully now it will stick around.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

she is lucky to have you show her how to use this. I have a gps in my phone that I use all the time. It's easy for us to forget the way people in other countries live. I'm glad that there was no incident at the protest in china but I can't help but notice the irony that while they have never seen our president we never heard about their protest.

Leovi said...

Those photos are gorgeous! Wonderful !

Anonymous said...

Halle looks like such a lovely little community! What fun to enjoy an afternoon with a good friend there. Glad that the protests were peaceful.

Willow said...

I'd love to sit out on your snowy white terrace :)
Your adventures in interesting places amaze me. There's SO MUCH history.