7 Apr 2014


Punctually when I needed my computer badly to write and publish my posts, it gave up its soul ! Nothing to do, it wouldn't load anything and the screen remained black with some white scribbles on it. I screamed for help and Mr. G. came vintage style running to see what happened.

Then began the best show of the year. Unfortunately the invisible camera was not here. He tried repairing, by all means, helping himself with a wide vocabulary of not so very nice Italian words. Finally he called a friend, dismantled my whole computer, put it in a bag and disappeared.

Near a nervous breakdown, with a deep sigh of relief I took my little travel computer and ended my work in peace. Then I got a phone call, telling me that they had to take out everything and reinstall a new Window XP. Fortunately by coincidence, as if I had smelled the disaster, I had done a backup two days before ! At least nearly all my pictures where saved ! The next day I got my computer back and then began the second part of this event, which was even worse. Mr. G. had saved as much as he could of the files and folders etc and now had to reinstall the whole stuff. I would have liked to do it myself in my way, but of course he thought I was not able to do this which ended up in a nice verbal fight.

Fortunately our house is detached and we don't live in an apartment, I am sure the neighbors would have called the police, we both have quite some temperament. We are like two volcano with a spectacular eruption and immediately after there is nothing anymore.

The afternoon I went to Ilona, and while we took a sunbath and had some fresh homemade apple juice, I distressed and relaxed, it was really necessary !

Now my computer works very well, like new, but there are still some items missing and the worst thing is everything is written in French and I am not at all used to this technical vocabulary, after doing it in English for 7 years ! Now I have to "copier/coller" instead of "copy and paste" etc ! The worst is when it comes to settings !

Sunday morning while I answered my emails I had a nice street view, some people gathered in front of our house, probably some who did their Sunday walk and met by coincidence.

Then I took the bus and went to the midi market which was packed as usual, even the police was there, probably because of the many pick pockets who are working here.

We always had a large Moroccan community in Brussels, but I had never noticed so many women wearing a scarf. The best is when they also wear very short mini skirts ! Fashion is fashion and not always religion.

On my way back sitting in the bus I saw a large flock of pigeons flying over and over and then suddenly all landed on the roof of a hospital. It looked quite funny.

In the nearby park people started arriving with blankets and pick-nicks, enjoying the warm weather.

Behind me in the bus were 3 Japanese teenagers sitting and chatted. As I didn't understand a word I felt like sitting in a chicken coop for 45 min, and my head was exploding. Promptly I fell asleep while watching TV. 

In the afternoon, I still had things missing in my computer and suddenly Picasa in French ! I couldn't find the place from where I had to download my photos etc, etc.

Tomorrow is another day !


Linens and Royals said...

Well! I'm pleased I live so far away and don't have to listen to volcano's erupting in different languages. That group of people in front of your house might be wanting to help with your computer, or they could be waiting for the police to arrive.

Andrew said...

It is bad enough battling with a computer in one language, let alone more than one. Our friend in Japan is wanting a new computer, but not a Japanese one. She wants one that works in English. It is a problem.

Can I ask you about midi market? What is the word midi? We have to catch Eurostar from midi Brussels Station.

Fun60 said...

I would like to have been there to see the sparks fly. At least the computer is working.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I hate when that happens! We are dealing with computer issues too -- Bill has just gone to pick it up after the third time in the "Geek Shop." It's under warranty and they are so nice, but they aren't getting the problems fixed, so frustrating. So I am using an old very slow computer ....my life dribbles away as I wait for things to load.

(We both have tempers too ...the bad part is we do have close neighbors!)

Anonymous said...

You had a busy weekend, hair-pulling events, and hopefully a few moments to relax. That's funny about the headscarves and mini skirts. May your computer woes end soon.

Leovi said...

I hope that all these problems are solved. If windows is damaged you can recover the files with linux.

Jo said...

OMW I wish I could have heard the two vintage volcanoes at it! Do you reply in French, German or English to his Italian? I'm glad you computer is OK. This is my one great fear: computer breaking here in EA. I hope you have a great week ahead. Jo

Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful castle in that park!