1 Jul 2019


The princess and the pea

The belt still fits !




That's me

Saturday it was so hot that I had to stay inside with all shutters and windows closed to keep the heat outside. When in winter I have to switch on the light because there is no daylight, now I have to switch on light because the sun is too strong and the heat unbearable. As usually we always have around 25 °C or a little more in summer, only cars and shopping centers are equipped with aircondition. Tourists from the States or Australia complain because not all hotels have aircondition.

In the afternoon Ilona came, because in her garden it is so hot impossible to stay so we sat in mine under our Pergola on the patio with a ventilator and ate ice cream ! That was nice and she told me about her holidays in Spain.

It's also hard to sleep in this heat, although I keep all windows open and the shutters not completely closed but during the night it doesn't cool down as it should.

Sunday morning suddenly it was "cold" 24° at least you could breath.  I went to the market and finally found the exact case for my smartphone at a stand where in a basket all kind of models were laying. The guy knew immediately what I needed and now I have the right one, unfortunately it's black (my old one which broke was white) but I had a yellow smiley sticker, sticked it on, now it looks less boring.

Mr. G this time was in Austria sticking on the screen and watching the Formular 1. I escaped and went to a book sale displayed around the Genval lake

I made a tour, chatted with dog owners, and took pictures. It was nice, not too hot just perfect. When I returned home it was time for supper !

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