29 Jun 2019


The last time I went to the movies, a young woman sat just in the row before me. I admired her beautiful hair which surrounded her head. I couldn't see much more in the dim light and her body was hidden by the chair.

When the forecasted programs for the next week had ended the movie started and I forgot the long hairs in front of me. They didn't disturb me because the woman was not very tall.

When the movie was over and we all got up I had four people before me in my row and I had to wait until they were gone. Suddenly I saw the beautiful hair in front of me ! I tried to estimate her age, as the hairs were almost white and took her for a thirty to fourty years old woman.

Then she turned around and looked over her shoulder ! It was not a young woman but a rather old one, but still with beautiful hairs. I tried not to leave my mouth open because I was more than surprised.

I thought of  the proverb they say in French : from the back a licĂ©e  (high school) and from the front a musee (museum) !

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