26 Jun 2019


Sometimes when you think of all what happened to you during the day you think this was one of those days you had better stayed in bed.

My day started with my Yoga exercises, stretching my legs in the air, I touched the shelf on which at least 30 cats of all material are sitting, which all dropped over me.

Fortunately there were small so besides a shock I had no facial damage. I collected the cats, still sitting on my bed and put them in a corner until I finished my exercises.

I got out of my bed and barefoot I stepped into something liquid and strange, I looked down, one of my darling cats had just vomited besides my bed and of course I had to step in.

On one leg I hopped to the bathroom not to forget that I bumped into the chest standing by the door and had a nice blue spot in the evening. In the bathroom I washed my feet, went to the kitchen to pick up a cleaning rag and cleaned my bedroom. I still had not had my coffee. Meanwhile the cats meowed in concert they wanted breakfast ! Instead of keeping their meals in their stomachs they have to spit it out only to give me some work.

Finally the coffee was ready, the cats were fed and I sank in my sofa and put on the TV to watch the News. The screen remained black. Nothing to do. I called my neighbor, she had the same. I called our provider who told me that the whole net was out of work for at least two hours.

I thought I can watch the news in the evening anyway there are only dramas and I had enough for the day. Besides stumbling over cat Arthur and let my cup of coffee fall on the tiles where it broke into thousand pieces, I didn't find my phone, somebody rang to sell me a leather sofa which I didn't need  without listening I put the telephone down.

Of course I couldn't find the car keys when I wanted to do my shopping, I finally found them between my shoes on the shelf. Fortunately I had no accident and came back safely.

Now that plastic bags are not allowed anymore and replaced by paper bags, I took out the bag, it broke and 8 apples rolled through the kitchen.

At that moment I thought now you sit down and don't move anymore. I wanted to survive one of those days you better skip !

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