20 Mar 2018


It's sad to say but my world in our world is rather limited by the bad weather ! Instead of going out and see flowers and a starting spring, I am locked in like an inside cat because of rain, cold, wind, snow or all together. Yesterday we had the coldest day ever recorded in March -6° C to -14°C in the Ardennes ! (21 to 6.8 !)

The cats sit on the radiator and wait for better times to go out mouse hunting

I too wait and watch TV instead of photo hunting and visiting interesting places.

Of course I visit my friends and we are starring in the open fire, wishing to lay in the sun or at least sit outside.

And when mid March appeared and we were all hopeful to see the first signs of spring .... it snowed ! Not much but still to feel depressed !

Easter this year is on April's fool day and if we are "lucky" we can search for frozen eggs and chocolate. Fortunately the Easter Bunny has a fur coat !

And in other parts of the world it's too hot, too dry, and too stormy.

This post confirms that if you don't know what to write or talk about there is always one theme ! The weather ....

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Fun60 said...

Yes the weather seems to be the main topic of conversation here as well.

Lady Fi said...

Ah - cute chocolate bunnies! I must say I do like the blue skies and snow we are having!

Andrew said...

Just came inside from the balcony. There is a cold wind blowing. It is only 15 degrees outside. I think our summer has nearly ended and we are heading to winter where the daytime temperature could at least drop to 10 degrees as a maximum on a really bad day. Hmm, 23 tomorrow. Not so bad. 26 the next day. I will be complaining about the heat.

William Kendall said...

That sign is similar to one I remember in a village near where I grew up.

The cats seem to take things in stride.

Tamago said...

Love that forecasting stone! We had storm last night and it's gonna get cold in coming days. We talk about weather a lot here :-)

Victoria said...

I love the forecasting stone, we had one in the village where I grew up. Wishing for the weather will get better for you soon!

Kay L. Davies said...

I've never seen a forecasting stone! I must show it to my husband!
The photo of the two cats facing the same way is wonderful...how long did it take you to get your cat to pose in the right place?
Hugs from here, K
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Wendy said...

It has warmed up here. I hope you're getting better weather too.

Angie said...

This is our first Easter in Montana, and it has just occurred to me that I have not seen any advertisements for outdoor Easter egg hunts for the children - probably because we still have two feet of snow on the ground. Thanks for your entertaining post - and I love your cat pictures!