19 Mar 2018


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This weekend we had our monthly Facebook meeting "Vivre à Waterloo" and as usual it was very nice to see people life.

Meanwhile this group has more than 4000 members, who of course weren't all there, we were about 30 the others had probably the flu ! This time our "president" besides the "Carlsberg" sign had booked in the "Café de Paris".

It has been completely renovated and is now a restaurant too. You can eat the best steaks there, according to Nicole who is rather difficult when it comes to steaks.

Monique, Nicole and I had a beef Carpaccio, very thin slices of raw beef.  The beef is served with lemon, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. It was absolutely delicious and I had never seen such a big portion in my whole life not even in Italy where it comes from.

The next day we went for breakfast to "La Brioche" for me it was not worthwhile because I am not hungry early mornings. So I just had a coffee and a croissant, while the two others had, scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, sausages, croissants, jam different sorts of bread etc. If you eat it all you are full for the whole day !

It is the only place in Waterloo where you can have breakfast from 6 am on. Otherwise you have to wait until 10 when the shops open, except the supermarkets which open at 9 ! Poor tourists who don't know and arrive hungry early morning in Waterloo to see the battle field ! I knew this place from afternoon teas, but had never been there in the morning. Useless to say that it was full.

It started to snow again and the temperature dropped more than a half during the night. With that a nice strong wind, I am freezing ! Even the cats didn't want to go out ! I wonder if this  winter will ever end or if we enter a new ice age !


Tamago said...

I usually wake up early while on vacation. If I ever visit Waterloo, I have to keep in mind that it's the only place I can have breakfast early :-)
Stay warm and have a great week!

Wendy said...

I don't often eat a big breakfast but usually at the weekend we will have a big breakfast of egg bacon etc on at least one of the days.

Loree said...

I don't like eating a big breakfast either. I am usually not very hungry early in the mornings.

William Kendall said...

That cat must be impatient for spring.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Seems like winter is dragging on most everywhere (except here in the subtropics where it is summer-like) -- and tomorrow is the first day of Spring! We are big breakfast eaters and I would be cranky as a bear if I had to wait until after 10 -- if we came to Waterloo, I'd have to visit the supermarket the evening before and eat in my hotel room!