24 Nov 2017


The new flat where a friend just moved in

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1. There are weeks which go by and you absolutely don't remember what you have done during the week unless something special happens, like a an unwanted visitor, or a breakdown of electricity etc. Nothing happened.

The week started with a very bad scrabble game for all of us ! In fact we all lost. Tosca the dog watched us playing and moved his tail up and down from time to time to support us.

2. The days are split in two parts, blogging in the morning and housework if there is any in the afternoon. This time I was looking for a pullover and came out with 5 which I would never wear again but which I kept as souvenir probably, no honestly I had them forgotten. I will give them to my cleaning lady who is always very happy when she gets clothes.

3. Aqua gym too went by without any drama nobody drowned, not even a little bit. There was only one thing to mention, one of us had forgotten her underwear. But that is not the first time it happens.

4. I went on Christmas gift hunting, and as usual I have always to forget something, in this case the list with the references of my Grandson's Lego gifts. I was so angry that I went in the next shop and bought me a beautiful blouse ! Then I went home !

5. I returned to the shop for the gifts, and meanwhile they were 15% more expensive,  when I had ordered them there was a special offer ! My fault ! The salesman had pity with me and proposed to put the 3 Lego cartons aside until the next day because it was "Black Friday" ! and all toys costed 10 % less. That was really nice of him, so I will send Mr. G tomorrow to pick up the gifts. Two years ago nobody knew about black Friday except me because of my blog and my American friends, now it has moved to Belgium too. Last year not yet so much but this year !!!

The rest of the day I was in  war with my photos, I had misfiled them and even Hercule Poirot and Mrs. Marple together haven't found them yet !

Finally I found them because they were our passports, very  important for our trip trough 10 countries  in August. There is certainly a lot to prepare. I am going again with the Expats, like this year around Ireland and the year before around the UK. They are very well organized and there is nothing to complain.

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Fun60 said...

That trip looks amazing. It is also going through a few countries I am hoping to visit next year with my Canadian friend. We are planning on visiting the Baltic countries. You are doing well to have made a good start on your Christmas shopping. Yes, we have black Friday here and it benefitted me with 30% off the item I am buying for my granddaughter. I imagine you can't wait for your sunshine holiday.

Andrew said...

Black Friday has not arrived here.........yet. I too know about it from blogs. There is also something Monday and Tech Tuesday the week after.

Andrew said...

Oh, yes, your holiday route looks good. It will be interesting to hear what the accommodation is like.

Linens and Royals said...

Black Friday is here now. Last night I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of an American friend, she is also a bit puzzled by Black Friday. We didn't have turkey for dinner, we had corned beef and mango and ice cream and lots of wine and laughs. We are in Australia and turkeys are a bit hard to find at this time of year.
I am so envious of your holiday next year, how long will you be away and who with?

Jo said...

I love Tosca the support dog! And the salesman was pretty nice to keep those aside until they were discounted. Black Friday has arrived in South Africa as well! Your trip looks amazing.Have a great weekend. Jo

Barbara H. said...

I do that sometimes on Fridays - sit down to write a FFF post, and can't remember what happened all week! Sometimes an undramatic week is a blessing if it means nothing major went wrong.

That was nice of the guy at the toy store to save your purchases for Black Friday! We've found some good deals even earlier in the week - some stores are marking things down earlier now.

Tamago said...

That is very nice of the salesman! I’ve been checking Black Friday deals online :-)