20 Nov 2017


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My 2 year old Hibiscus plant decided to bloom suddenly ! I hadn't thrown it away because it looked

so healthy and I thought maybe one day it will  bloom again and it did ! Rosie didn't even admire it.
There are a few other blossoms so if they don't fall before I will have 2 or 3 other once. Above is the flower.

Our city had organized a theater play for the seniors with a professional group. Already the title was funny, "6 in one  pyjama" A married man had invited his best friend to hide the fact that he wanted to invite his mistress and pretend that this woman was the friend's wife. What he didn't know was that his own wife was the mistress of his friend. You can imagine what a mess !

Still in a very good mood we went in an Italian restaurant and had Spaghetti as you can see we had a lot of fun and stayed there for 3 h !!

The next day our neighbor came with a huge black guy to dig the hole to find the box with the cable connections. It was hard work although the hole was not so  big, but there were many roots in the ground and he to cut them with an axe first.

I did my paparazzi picture, I didn't want to take a picture while he was working.

and this is the result. Mr. G. put a plastic over the hole in case it would rain.  On Monday we will call the internet company and tell them that they can finish their work and take off the cable which still lays over the street.

My grandson received the card I had made for his 7th birthday

and amongst the birthday gift, he also found my card !


Linens and Royals said...

Your Hibiscus is a beautiful colour and the leaves look very healthy. I have 3 hibiscus bushes in my garden, red, yellow and pink but they look a bit straggly as it never rains and I don't like hosing the garden. My plants just watch the sky and beg for rain. Love Toby and his birthday card.

Andrew said...

No photo of the big black guy! Nice photo of Toby and your card.

Mara said...

I have one plant that I hope will bloom again. It looks healthy enough, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Love the card you made for Toby. Happy Birthday by the way Toby!!

Lea said...

Beautiful flower!
Glad they will finally get your internet cable back to where it belongs
Happy Birthday to Toby!

Tamago said...

Love the close-up of hibiscus. What a beauty! We have a plant around mail box which looks quite dead in winter, but it comes back with beautiful flowers every year.
Great photo of Toby and your birthday card :-)