25 Nov 2017


1. Starts with U
2. mosaic/collage
3. “I ate this”

I am very unimpressed by these modern mouse !

This is a mosaic made from little cuttings on which each of our painting class mates had to paint a little picture, with no theme, just what we wanted. Then the pieces were put together and out came this mosaic.

It was then used as poster for our 2017 exhibition


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Jo said...

I love Arthur's look of disdain at the modern mouse. The mosaic is most interesting. Have a great weekend. Jo

Fun60 said...

Interesting mosaic. Lots of your fellow painters decided to paint flowers. It came out really well.

Tamago said...

I really love the mosaic made at painting class. Such a great idea!
Arthur sure looks unimpressed hahaha :-)

Jim said...

Great shots

Mara said...

Cats do unimpressed extremely well don't they?

Loree said...

I adore that collage. It is so beautiful and colourful.

Jim said...

This is a wonderful posting, Gattina. I liked every picture. The first reminded me of the little furry mouse I kept beside my computer mouse so neither would be lonesome. If you pulled it with a string Arthur might care for it more. The Chinese piece looks yummy, was it?
That jigsaw puzzle mosaic is really a neat idea. It would work for a party also. I suppose you turn the puzzle over and paint the back side pieces.
Sorry I came late, we've had holiday guests, Mrs. Jim's brother and SIL came here to Texas (Houston area) from Jackson, Tennessee. That was 719 miles each way that they drove.