21 Nov 2017


Once a year the Belgian TV channel RTL does a "Televie" which is a solidarity action that began more than 29 years ago. Today, thousands of volunteers give their time and energy to this event some of them have supported it since its creation.

Télévie is raising funds for research in the fight against leukemia and cancer for children and adults.

The Televie is always a big show where lots of TV stars and other celebrities participate.

In 2016, the € 10,141,650 (11,961,705.21) collected, enabled Télévie to finance 105 research projects. Among them, 111 researchers work with a common goal :to fight the disease and win at the end.

In 29 editions, the program raised 173,568,482 euros (204,770,428.26 USD) which is not bad for such a small country with only 11.3 million inhabitants and if you consider that only the French speaking part of Belgium is involved.

I had never attended a Televie but this year to my surprise it took place in Waterloo and concerned Tennis. I am not very much interested in Tennis, but this was a special opportunity to see my evening's screen companions life.  300 official guests were invited for lunch and then the tennis plays began between the celebrities (a few from the Tennis too) the broadcasters, animators, series inventors, etc, they were all there. The only trouble for me was, I recognized only 3 ! They looked so different in reality ! Or too big or too small and not very handsome looking either !! My friends Nicole and Myriam had to tell me who was who !!

It was the perfect weather to stay inside.

The Waterloo Tennis Club, where Mr. G. also uses to play his Whist 3 times a week, received the guests.

They greeted each other and prepared for the tennis game. Our mayor was already busy to play.
The guy with the grey vest and green color, is the reponsible for the program with the royals. All about our royal family and the other once in Europe. He was one of the guys I recogized.

An in Belgium and France famous singer was there too and the man in the middle was the one who did the Quiz show we both watch each evening !

he was so kind to pose with Nicole and Myriam

and with me too. Although I hadn't met him in real life it was as if we knew each other !

The bar keepers were very busy and there were always the same people I saw there. The man above in grey is a famous actor I was told, only I didn't know him.

The self made cakes looked delicious

Under a tent everything for music was set up and one Rap singer prepared himself to start. There were also a lot of games for the kids, which were put apart later to make space for those who wanted to dance later.

It seems that our mayor has also fun !

People are waiting for the tombola and companies gave cheques in sometimes quite high amounts.

and there was also a magician who did some tricks with us, I had one red ball in my hand and suddenly they were four !

We had a very nice afternoon.

more participants here


Fun60 said...

What an achievement to raise so much money for a very worthy cause. It sounds as though you enjoyed yourself eventhough you didn't recognise many people.

Andrew said...

It sounds like a terrific event and you are fortunate to have being part of it. Come on, tell us how much you donated.

Mara said...

It sounds like a great day out! Even if you only recognised a handful of people.

Do they raise money for the same thing each year or do they change?

songbird's crazy world said...

What a wonderful afternoon. Glad you enjoyed, and for such a good cause.

Tamago said...

Sounds like a great event for a great cause!
I've seen the red ball trick in person before. It was fun :-)

Joyful said...

It's great they are raising money for an important cause. It's amazing how famous people can often look better on tv than in real life, eh? LOL. You look beautiful in your colourful jacket.

Kay L. Davies said...

It certainly looks like you and Nicole and Myriam had a wonderful time, and met some very interesting people.
Your Televie seems to have raised a great deal of money, which is always needed for research into cures for such devastating diseases. That's wonderful.
Hugs from here, dear Gattina!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travels.

Linens and Royals said...

The cakes looked delicious and the tennis star very handsome.We had a huge event this weekend also to raise money for childhood cancers. 'CONVOY' where hundreds of huge trucks drive along the street in convoy, a very popular event, very noisy too.

diane b said...

A nice afternoon mingling with the celebs. The cakes looked delicious.