29 Nov 2015


Besides Brussels at 15 km from Waterloo the next bigger town is Nivelles also 15 km far. Nivelles has a very nice and huge shopping center, which is ideal for a walk when it is cold and wet outside.

Nicole and I didn't have any intention to buy something, but I finally came out with a white cardigan for my forthcoming holidays in Egypt.

There was a nice pirate boat in the middle of the way

with a rather "vintage" looking statue at the front. The red ribbons indicated the way to St. Nicholas who is very important for the children in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Flemish part of Belgium it's even more celebrated than Christmas, just like in the Netherlands. That's on December 6th when all the gifts are brought by him.

This time St. Nicholas was sitting on his thrown in the middle of palm trees and not pines !

He was accompanied by the Père Fouettard who distributed sweets. A very long line of kids with their parents were waiting to be received by Saint Nicolaus and get a little gift.

On my way home driving through Waterloo, I saw that they had put up the Christmas decoration in the city center.

This will be the last post from Waterloo, later today I fly to Egypt together with Nicole and Chantal for two weeks ! We badly need some sunshine !


Fun60 said...

Shopping malls seem to be the same wherever you are in the world. Have a good, sunny and warm holiday. I will be off to Krakow next weekend but there will be no warm sunshine for me there.

Jo said...

St Nicholas in a tropical environment sounds weird! Bon Voyage my friend. Enjoy the sunshine. (do you remember I've said that one day - not sure when - I will accompany you on a holiday, LOL!) xxx

Loree said...

The Christmas decorations are looking very nice. We've started to put ours up today. It's a job but my son enjoys it.
Enjoy your holidays.

noodlecat said...

You can really tell it's time for shopping!
have a super Monday...

Noodle and crew

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun shopping centre.

Terra said...

Palm trees are very appropriate to surround St. Nicholas, thinking of Bethlehem and the Christmas day approaching. You will be surrounded by palm trees soon, I think, in Egypt.