6 Jul 2015


On Saturday, the heat wave continued and we still had over 35°C (95 F). The whole country was paralyzed, some trains didn't work, because the rails had extended in the heat ! The red Cross drove around Brussels and distributed water to the homeless, otherwise they only would drink beer.

I continued to live outside on the Terrace under the pergola with my ventilator.


Nicole came over together with Charlie, who also suffered from the heat. From time to time she put water on him with a water can. He tried to get into the cat tent, but of course he was far too big for that. She couldn't stay in her apartment, it was too hot and on her two big terraces she could almost fry eggs.  So we hang around and drank cold Karkade tea.

During the night there must have been a thunderstorm somewhere because the temperatures had dropped to 25° (77F ) which was very welcomed.  Finally I could go out and do some photo shooting !

Nicole wanted to come with me and we went to the Abbey of Villers la Ville It had changed since I had been there and it had become a Tourist attraction !

We met a Canadian family and there were also people from France and Germany. Charlie thought it was still too warm, and he walked like and old grandpa, and lay down in the shade each time I stopped for a photo shooting ! Inside the ruins it was cool and very nice to walk around.

Exhausted Charlie and I

This cabinet was made for insects, to play and breed in there and it was called "Insect Hotel".

When we had enough we went to the restaurant opposite the ruins and had a nice lunch ! I had melon with Parma ham and Nicole a "Salade Ni├žoise". Charlie was very thirsty and  was thankful for the water the waitress brought him and he lapped up the whole bowl in no time !

Our coffee we had at the Lion's hill, which again was packed with tourists from all over the world.

While we enjoyed our coffee, Charlie this time was served on a little wall so he didn't even have to bend down. Suddenly dark clouds showed up and Nicole said "it rains !!" . But it didn't rain at all, Charlie had put his tail in the water and while he waggled with it to greet an approaching tourist he sprinkled the water all over Nicole. Useless to say that everybody around burst out in laughter.

We just arrived in time at Nicole's before the rain really started and the temperature dropped in no time and it became real cool for us in our summer dresses.

In the evening the sun came out again, but I think that the heatwave is now gone for good !


  1. Too hot! But you even had fun in the middle of a heat wave. I do feel sorry for Charley, he can't shed his winter clothing so easily ))

  2. We have had a heat wave too and today it is cold and dreary and rainy. A true blessing! I love your story. Beautiful photo shares too. Have a beautiful week and thank you for sharing.

  3. Enjoyed your photos and narration. Too funny about the dog's wet tail. :) On really hot days, a shower is welcome to cool it down a bit.

  4. the ruins seem to be a place where you could cool of a little.


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