23 Jun 2015


Ilona and I wanted to take some short holidays in Germany and as I hadn't been in the little town where my parents lived after my father's retirement since nearly 20 years we decided to go there. It is a beautiful old Spa town situated between Bonn and Coblenz.

I had booked a room in a Bed & Breakfast which is in old mansion close to the Rhine.

The building

The kitchen was very cozy and there was a nice garden behind the house.

Our room too was very welcoming.


We saw little squirrels eating from the bowl which the owner had put there and protected with an umbrella.

We took our first drink at the Rhine and watched the enormous transport ships. There were so many ships it was almost like a highway.

Bad Breisig (the little town) has mostly half timbered houses which look very beautiful.

There is also a nice little church

Unfortunately in the evening a heavy rain started which lasted during the whole night and unfortunately the whole next day.

The Bed & Breakfast Lady brought us two cups of coffee, when she saw on the balcony in our Bathrobes. What a nice service. ! Then we had a very nice breakfast in the pink breakfast room. There also was a Chinese couple and we chatted a bit together.

After breakfast we did some shopping and hoped the rain would stop.
But it didn't. We had to stay in the car and drove along the Rhine.

After supper we returned to our room. I just had time to download the few pictures when my little travel laptop decided to give up its soul.

I had to finish my post on my Kindle which is not so easy.

Anyway tomorrow we return home.


Maggie said...

Sounds as if you both enjoyed your trip despite the horrible weather, the B&B looks charming.

Adam Jones said...

Wonderful architecture. I need to visit more places like this. Love the cute squirrel too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop. Great shots of the town and what a lovely B and B.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Gattina, the B&B looks so wonderful. A great place to relax after your sightseeing and shopping. Wonderful series of images, thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy week!

Nonnie said...

what spoiled animals, yet it's cute having an umbrella over their food! the rooms are so grand, especially the kitchen stove. I love your sharing your wonderful traveling- that's the only way I'll get to see this beautiful country.

Mary said...

What a beautiful town/village! Thank you for sharing!

Tanya Breese said...

what a beautiful place and i love that they put the umbrella there for the critters to keep dry while they eat!

Loree said...

I visited Germany when I was 14 (seems like a lifetime ago). I had stayed in a little town called Niederkassel, not far from Bonn. The Rhine area is very nice. I distinctly remember an old town called Linz (I think) with houses like the ones in your photos.

Sandra Carlier said...

the place looks beautiful ! Sounds you had great time !

Andrea said...

Even with the rain that is still a lovely trip, or maybe i just love the rain. The buildings reminds me of Strasbourg, France but of course that was in the border of Germany so the buildings might look the same in the olden days. You gave us nice photos too.

Linens and Royals said...

Shame about the rain but the setting and the room are both beautiful.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A good getaway in spite of the rain I should think. It is a charming town -- like something out of a fairy-tale it seems to me. The B&B sounds like a wonderful one. I could use somebody to bring me a morning cup of coffee.