8 Dec 2013


On Saturday morning I got a Skype call from Grandson Toby to show me the gifts he got from St. Nick. It was the once we had already left there when we were last in Amsterdam. I had bought a little computer, very educative and talking in French. It even had a little mouse. In the Netherlands St. Nicholas is more celebrated for kids then Christmas.

It looked a bit like this

Apparently he liked it very much and the funniest thing was, as we had no instruction manual, Mr. G. had tried it out and had found some things but with difficulties, and this little one handled his new computer like a professional ! We had to laugh how he had found out different functions in such a little time, and Mr.G. spent quiet some time with this thing to find out some !

I had to buy cat food for my 4 always hungry little monsters. On the way back I stopped at a store who is called "Destock" and that's what it really is ! They sell almost everything from all kind of retailers who have too much stock ! Of course the prices are very cheap. I wanted to buy some new Christmas tree decoration, more childrenlike, as my grandson is now 3 years old and certainly will enjoy Teddybears, angels and Father Christmas and Disney items more then the classical balls.

First I only saw very little and nothing interesting, but then the shop owner told me that all decorations are just arriving they sell only after St. Nick, which is also very important in Belgium. And indeed the 2nd floor was packed with Christmas decoration, so much that I couldn't really see any details and at the entrance stood a little truck filled with another load. I told the owner I would be back during the week when he has made his displays. In this mess it was impossible to see something.

The afternoon was cold, windy and rainy (as usual on weekends) and I went to Ilona's who had already nicely decorated her living room and had put up her Christmas tree. As you can see she also is a cat lover !

It was very cozy and we chatted the whole afternoon about important and less important things and also about the life of Nelson Mandela who had done so much not only for his own country, but had brought his ideas of freedom and racism through the whole world.

We also celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary, with a big plate of Sushis, we both like very much.

Sunday morning I wanted to go to a Christmas Market in one of the Brussels' communities, but it started to rain a bit and for taking photos it wasn't the ideal weather. So I went to the next town which almost melts into Waterloo and could take some pictures there.

In the afternoon Mr. G's young friend (he is only a little older then our son) came for a visit and after staying a bit with them, I escaped to Dominique, she had asked me how to do photo collages with Picasa. So the men were able to complain about women and I didn't disturb or contradict them. 


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Busy and fun weekend! It was interesting in this post and the one before to read about the importance of St Nicholas Day. I didn't know about that!

Fun60 said...

Another busy weekend for you. I love the way you escape to visit your friends when you are in need of a girly chat.

Linens and Royals said...

First St. Nick comes and then you have Santa. Does that mean two lots of gifts and two lot's of family dinners with huge amounts of food?
If there are family arguments at the first dinner who will turn up for the second dinner? I am exhausted thinking about it.
Love Toby's mini computer.

MaR said...

Spanish children now know of Nikolaus! so they are getting small gifts then, and then gifts for Christmas from Santa in addition to the big ones from the Three Wise Men on Jan 6th, which is the Spanish tradition.

Happy Anniversary!!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy 44th Anniversary!!

Children learn very fast. My son handles my smart phone very well while even now I am still struggling to learn its functions. LOL

That's a cool gift for adorable Toby. :)

diane b said...

An interesting weekend.# year olds are amazing with their ability to learn tech things. Fox teaches me how to use the iPad.